About Civility Experts Worldwide

Greetings from Civility Experts President and CEO, Lew Bayer,

Whether your business is producing the next, latest and greatest technology, providing a product and service to the public, or preparing young people for college or life, civility impacts you every day in some way.

Whether at home with your family, out and about in the community, or navigating the global marketplace for your company, your personal and professional values direct your choices every day in some way.

And, whether you seek advice from parents or caregivers, look to political or business leaders for direction, or follow the ever-changing social and global trends of the masses via social media, the collective conscience and character of the company you keep helps shape who you are and how you treat others, in some way, and every day.

Community, choices, conscience, character….all of these elements are directly related to civility. And, far beyond mere manners, which are how a civil attitude often manifests itself, these and other elements of civility, are what creates meaningful connections. It is civility that builds relational wealth and the social capital so desperately needed in our world today. The kindnesses and spontaneous generosity that result from habitual civility are often immutable. While there are great tangible benefits to fostering respect and consideration for all, it is these less tangible outputs that The Civility Experts Worldwide strives to generate.

Since 1999, Civility Experts has been providing civility training solutions to individuals of all ages, and organizations of all sizes. The company has grown from a small 200 square foot office focused on delivering dining etiquette workshops and Courtesy Camp to an award-winning, multi-national training company with- as of May 2011, 30 affiliates representing 12 countries around the globe.

Whether your need is helping a young adult feel comfortable in an interview, boosting the cultural competence of a work team so that they can better manage diversity and change at work, or building social intelligence so that your board, volunteers, employees, or others can work better together, Civility Experts Worldwide offers long-lasting civility-oriented solutions.

We invite you to Join the Circle of Civility™ start with a short workshop, support a Macaroni and Please Manners Initiative in your local school, send a workplace trainer to a Civility at Work™ Train-the-Trainer Certification Course….choose civility, it doesn’t matter how, just do it.

And on a personal note, I, Lew Bayer, challenge you to bring your best self, your generous, kind, civil self, to every conversation, every interaction, and every opportunity, choose civility…you’ll reap immeasurable rewards.

Lew Bayer
President & CEO
Civility Experts Worldwide