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ICTCLearn how to Become an Affiliate by Train the Trainer and become Certified through the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium.

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*Important Notice:

Molly Manners and/or its affiliates are not affiliates of Civility Experts Worldwide. Etiquette Moms and/or its affiliates or anyone “certified” by this organization are not affiliates of Civility Experts Worldwide, and this certification is not ICTC approved or endorsed. (Pre. The Civility Group Inc.) Etiquette Ladies, Etiquette Leader, Manners Matter, and Good Apple Manners Company and In Good Company Etiquette Academy and all of their affiliates are part of the Civility Experts Worldwide family.

If you do not have direct permission from Civility Experts Worldwide, or if you do not hold an affiliate license, you are not authorized to use in whole or in part, in any way- including posting on your website, or to resell, any version of Civility Experts Copyright materials. (Registered) This includes content extracted from, adapted from, or directly copied from: Proud to be Polite, Macaroni and Please (30 lessons), Beware the Table Monsters, Complete Guide to Courtesy Camp, Manners on the Menu, Confidence is Cool, Backpack to Briefcase. The content in these curriculum kits (Leader’s Guides, Participant Manuals, Masters files, and online materials) are registered copyright to Civility Experts Worldwide/Lew Bayer. If you are using these materials, even if you bought this content from a 3rd party without knowing it was the property of Civility Experts Worldwide, you are breaking the law if you use, distribute, print, copy, adapt or sell it. Further, deliberately removing copyright statements, changing titles or making slight revisions to copyright content with the intention of claiming it as your own, is an overt breech of international copyright law. Additionally, Civility Experts Worldwide is NOT bound by any “exclusivity” or territory agreement regarding these materials, that you may have entered into with any 3rd party who is not authorized to resell Civility Experts copyright materials. If you are not sure which materials you have that belong to Civility Experts, please contact and we will send you the original versions and advise you how to proceed without legal consequence.  Thank you. The parties listed below are authorized users of Civility Experts copyright materials and the parties indicated in red are authorized resellers.