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  • Quitting? Here’s how to bow out gracefully
    Is there an etiquette for submitting your resignation ... Longer is generous, especially if the employer needs help training your replacement - but if you've stayed well past your mental health "best by" date, tie off your projects as best you can and ... read more
  • Annoying co-worker? Don’t run to HR until you do this
    A study by the leadership development firm Fierce Inc. finds more than half of all employees in New Jersey and across the nation are being bothered terribly by a single colleague at work ... on you,” says business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter ... read more
  • Companies Lack Sexual Harassment Training
    Roger Ailes. Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer. With so many high-profile alleged cases of sexual harassment in the news, a new survey states that employers still are not taking steps to prevent and address the widespread issue. A mere 32 percent of American ... read more
  • Survey: Companies not doing enough to combat sexual harassment
    TUESDAY, May 15, 2018 -- The #MeToo movement has shone the spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace, but a new survey shows most U.S. employers aren't tackling the issue. The movement "has given business leaders an opportunity to finally take real ... read more
  • A Reckoning for Obama’s Foreign-Policy Legacy
    Raghunathan’s writing does fall under the category of self-help (with all of the pep talks and progress worksheets that that entails), but his commitment to scientific ... Institute for Space Studies (a.k.a. GISS) a world-class climate-science facility. ... read more
  • Companies Not Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Harassment: Survey
    Just 8 percent of workers said their company implemented tougher sexual harassment policies to crack down on the behavior ... harassment at work occurs within a broader context. For training to produce long-term changes, the organization's workplace ... read more
  • Rudeness in the Workplace
    Rudeness in the workplace has gained ... Described as “low-intensity, deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm,” researchers have estimated that 98 percent of American workers have experienced rudeness at work, with 50 percent of workers ... read more
  • Work Advice: Eager to quit? Tips on bowing out gracefully.
    Is there an etiquette for submitting your resignation ... I would not go into someone’s home and open their window blinds, so I find this behavior irritating and petty. What is your recommendation on how to handle this annoying issue? ... read more
  • How Bill Clinton Stopped White House Leaks
    Related Story How Trump Can Fix His Troubled White House The comment was breathtakingly callous ... In it, each player deploys 180 or 181 pieces (depending on which color he or she chooses), placed alternately on an initially empty board; victory goes ... read more
  • You can vote to mandate sexual-harassment training for Philly city employees. But will it work?
    Anna Orso is a member of the Modern Life team covering culture, trends, and the way we live. She's a Fishtown resident, a Penn State grad, and a native of York, Pa. When voters enter the booth Tuesday in Philadelphia, they’ll be asked: Should ... read more
  • Voters to Settle Policy on Sexual Harassment Training for City Employees
    According to Brown, the training is intended to educate employees on civility and appropriate behavior when engaging with coworkers, making certain to stress not only not how to act, but how to conduct oneself in the workplace. The training is not just a ... read more
  • Helping employees manage their emotions
    However, stopping negative thinking patterns can be challenging for people—especially those with a long history of the habit. It can really help to ... when it comes to civility and respect in the workplace. Don’t shame the person if they’ve behaved ... read more
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