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BUSINESS ETIQUETTE AND MANNERS ONLINE These tips from Civility Experts CEO and bestselling author Lew Bayer focus on electronic communications and social media business etiquette. 1. Always consider the impact of your words.  How will the person receiving the communication potentially feel - and is this what you intended? 2. Remember that people might laugh [...]

Emotional Intelligence VS Social Intelligence-Business Etiquette


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE VS SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE - Which Is More Important in Business Etiquette? We often hear the phrases "emotional intelligence" and "Social intelligence" - but what do they really mean, and which is more important when it comes to business etiquette? There is no question that emotional intelligence is important, but as a leading Civility [...]

Has Yours Become a Toxic Workplace? How Do You Resolve Conflict At Work?


HAS YOURS BECOME A TOXIC WORKPLACE? How Do You Resolve Conflict At Work? Remember that words matter. I caution people to be mindful about what they label a "conflict". When we use this word we go into situations a bit more defensive and with heightened emotions. If someone steals your office supplies, this is really [...]

The #1 Rule for Office Success


THE #1 RULE FOR WORKPLACE SUCCESS Civility Expert's CEO - and Bestselling Business Author of the recent book "The 30% Solution - How Civility In the Workplace Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability", Lew Bayer was asked what personal "rule" she adheres to in the workplace, and what her best advice would be to someone on [...]

Social Intelligence in the Workplace


SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE WORKPLACE How can civility in the workplace lead you to new career plateaus?  Communication is the key.  If you present yourself as a cool and confident professional who always makes a point to be gracious to everyone you meet, no matter what their position might be, you will find it to [...]



It often seems that some workplace superiors - maybe your boss? have taken to heart the message that you need to be authoritarian in order to be a respected leader.  This is rarely, if ever the case.  In fact the opposite is more often true. A great leader inspires others to express their good ideas [...]

Lew Bayer Teaching Executives How to Profit By Making Workplaces A Little More Civil


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Winnipeg, July 25th)  Lew Bayer knew HR professionals and business owners needed to read this book before it even existed. She'd watched too many businesses suffer, seen too many companies that thought they were doing everything right lose great employees, customers - and profits.   In her one on one training. [...]

Civility Experts Workplace Civility Initiative Model


If you are looking for a snapshot at the Civility Experts Workplace Civility Initiative Model, please use the graphic below. Details about how an initiative are included in The 30% Solution- available on Amazon HERE.

Business Etiquette for Mobile Devices

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Civility Experts Interview: Bell Media

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Civility Experts discusses civility, it's impact, and answers a few questions on wedding etiquette. Interview with Bell Media.

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