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  • With the holiday season here, table manners matter
    Children get tired, and they have bad days. But there are ways not only to prevent bad behavior at dinnertime, but to teach your kids to have some pretty excellent table manners ... example,” said Kathleen Cover, etiquette consultant for The Resort ... read more
  • Q&A: Helping your kids’ friends have better manners
    Or, you could always begin by just being yourself and use the normal type of exchange in words, manners and behavior ... think it is the school, nanny, babysitter or childcare facility's responsibility to teach their children proper etiquette. ... read more
  • Are today’s parents capable of teaching manners?
    According to this N.Y. Times article, five one-hour etiquette lessons for children can be had ... cloth napkins and candles– and see how it affects their children’s behavior. Another expert reminds parents not to simulate the fine dining experience ... read more
  • How to Raise a Polite Child
    How can we really get angry at a child when they have learned certain behavior ... business etiquette and tailored programs for children, parents and yes, even yachting enthusiasts. Her distinctive style and sense of humor has helped put manners back ... read more
  • Teaching good manners to your teenage boys
    Aside from the travails of parenting ... behavior, whether at the dining table or in your everyday interaction with people, is an expression of who you are. Well, at age 13, he got it. So basically, what I am saying is that teaching your children ... read more
  • Incivility at work is on the rise
    Recent studies show that the number of people experiencing incivility at work has doubled over the past two decades, an odd trend when you consider the increased focus many companies have placed on dealing with harassment and workplace bullying. ... read more
  • 15 Ways To Rise Above The Haters
    Just remember, that the very act of letting a hater know that they got to you will supply them with motivation to repeat this unwanted behavior in the future ... do interact with destructive individuals at work, limit the amount of time that you spend ... read more
  • 21 unprofessional habits that could cost you your job
    What's more, doing it during a break is fine, but these correspondences should be kept out of the workplace ... employees for office etiquette offenses found that 35% of bosses surveyed have fired people for boozing at work. Even if social drinking ... read more
  • The LETHAL ‘Virtue’ That Threatens America … It’s EVERYWHERE!
    But I was found standing in the middle of a crowd of people who appeared radicalized about everything, from their thinking to their behavior to their appearance ... A grandmother at work in Oklahoma is beheaded by a Muslim. An elderly lady, in her Georgia ... read more
  • Why We Need More Empathetic and Compassionate Leaders
    In my articles in The Financial Post and Psychology Today, “Why We Need Kind and Compassionate Leaders,” I said, “Leaders in business schools, organizations and in politics are taught to lead with their heads and not with their hearts. Leaders are ... read more
  • Organizations Are Serious About The ‘No Jerks’ Policy When Hiring
    Let It Go Stress is inevitable in the workplace and how you behave under stress is something you should be aware of. I often ask candidates in an interview "How does your behavior at work change when ... Lack of civility in the workplace is a deal breaker. ... read more
  • How to Hack Your Job…and Love What You Do
    2) Ignore Your Boss’s Bad Mood Psychologist Daniel Goleman studied the behavior of ... Read the email etiquette guide and share it with your colleagues so you can start putting its tips into action. 6) Make Friends at Work A survey conducted by the ... read more
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