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  • Being Brooke
    Most women would look very unattractive in this headgear, but Brooke Shields looks just fine ... went overboard: "She read Miss Manners, she memorized etiquette books," says Brooke with a sigh. "You can't imagine.") Still, "I think people let their ... read more
  • Good Behavior by Decree? How a Simple Contract Can Motivate Employees
    This document can address any and all aspects of behavior at work: from interaction with clients to phone etiquette to "good manners" (knocking on doors) to "positive attitude" markers (smiling or saying thank you). Interested in creating a Standards of ... read more
  • Ethics And Behavior In Organizations
    Ethics and Behavior in Organizations Chapter 3 2 ... that ethical training can add value to the moral environment of a firm and to relationships in the workplace by: Finding a match between employer’s and employee’s values ... read more
  • Ethical Internet Behavior In The Workplace
    1. “ Ethical Internet Behavior in the Workplace” Cierra Smith Tarnisha Turner December 15, 2008 Ms.Moore 2. Objective The objective of this PowerPoint is to explain the do’s and don’ts of ethical behavior on the internet. 3. ... read more
  • Player to Player: Adolescent Anger
    Please send any questions you’d like answered, or responses to other player’s questions, to Without a doubt, the fastest and easiest way to deal with children ... who continued this behavior into adulthood. Tennis is a sport of etiquette. ... read more
  • Does your workplace need an employee civility code?
    Her own discourteous behavior violated the workplace ... for a civility code: If you enforce the rules, you may cut the chances of creating a racially or sexually hostile environment. Ideas from HR professionals to silence swearing at work “If your ... read more
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior
    Previous article in issue: Flow experiences at work: for high need achievers alone? Previous article in issue: Flow experiences at work: for high need achievers alone? ... read more
  • Workplace problems include bullying
    And three out of five said uncivil behavior ... If top bosses model civility "and make it clear they're going to inspect what they expect," bullying usually doesn't take hold, he adds. Verbal abuse at work fosters depression, insomnia and alcohol and ... read more
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