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  • Trump’s World Series Boo-Birds Are a Sign of a Healthy Democracy
    Generally speaking, there’s a strong taboo in liberal democracies against calling for one’s political opponents to be arrested or imprisoned outright, even when there’s evidence of criminal behavior. This is not a free pass ... There is no intellectual or philosophical consistency at work here, only pure self-interest. ... read more
  • Cursing over one’s breath is common
    just take a look at the headlines of articles about cursing in the workplace. Of course, there are headlines that highlight the negative aspects of cursing while on the job. But there are also — and increasingly — many that highlight the positive. For example, go to, and ... read more
  • Creating a Workplace that Supports Female Safety
    MarketWatch reports that over half of human resource professionals saw no evident changes in behavior while the ... with innovative approaches like workplace civility and bystander intervention ... read more
  • Are Rude And Crude The New Norm Or Will America Bring Back Civility?
    workplace harassment and bullying than openly discuss how a lack of civility is tearing apart the basic fabric of society.” Dr. Steven Mintz, author of “Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior” has frequently commented on ethical issues in society and business ethics. His Workplace Ethics ... read more
  • Resist assuming that employee’s disability might cause a safety hazard
    However, he had no trouble performing his job satisfactorily ... to wait for the employee to ask for help. The ADA requires employers to provide help to disabled applicants at every stage of the employment relationship if that assistance is reasonable ... read more
  • 6 Easy Steps for Fucking Your Friends Without Fucking Up the Friendship
    This is a good time to remember all your good etiquette about sex. Just because you’re engaging in this activity ... If you have sex with a pal five times in one year and maintain reasonable boundaries and truly platonic behavior outside of bed with each other for the ... read more
  • Berne GOP leadership has a history of filing false complaints to harass me
    The allegations of my misconduct were not true, but the highway superintendent knew the mandated investigations could wreak havoc for me at work ... aggressive behavior is unacceptable. We cannot tolerate his conduct and effectively function as a town board. The only recourse is to ask the supervisor to ... read more
  • Toward more civil workplaces
    This collaborative effort will bring together San Diego employers of all sizes to adopt and enforce policies that promote pay equity and civil workplaces, characterized by respectful speech, language, and conduct — places where employees feel safe to speak up and report concerns. The incivility that is seemingly pervasive ... read more
  • We Think It’s Time For A Little Education On EV Charging Etiquette
    and so on. Very brave Model X drivers might attempt De-ICEing - towing the offending truck out of the way (as one owner demonstrated in a video, it’s perfectly possible), but we don’t ... read more
  • ELI, Inc. Announces Upcoming Civility Webinar with Brandon Hall Group
    "Behavior is as important as any aspect of the core responsibilities within an organization," said Steve Paskoff, CEO and founder of ELI, Inc. "Not only must senior leaders prioritize civility training, but also operationalize it – particularly as an ongoing, business initiative in order to see effective change and ... read more
  • The Science Behind How Dating Apps Are Changing Our Brains
    It is for this exact reason that some point fingers towards dating apps for the rise in poor dating etiquette. When the search for love ... And as for the bad behavior that many blame on the proliferation of online dating? Perhaps we’re too quick to ... read more
  • Preventing Workplace Negativity Could Save Billions
    Having a toxic culture in the workplace can lead to ... employees from toxic and abusive behavior (most importantly, these safeguards must be consistently enforced).” “Most importantly, be a model of civility and encourage (and reward) it in others.” ... read more
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