For my friend Rose Rudko

No matter what day it was, and for no reason in particular, there were always fresh flowers on the table at my friend Rose’s house. Piping hot stove-perked coffee was always served in beautiful old china cups and even store bought cookies were served on a fancy plate. “Don’t fuss Rose”, I’d always say, and, [...]

I Choose Civility – Welcome Readers!

“Constant uncertainty about our identities and our future seems at times our only certainty. Long-established values seem obsolete, but to agree on what the new ones should be seems a daunting task….in fact the notion of standards itself has become problematic.” P.M. Forni, Co-founder, Johns Hopkins Civility Project Bullying, poor safety standards, swearing, workplace violence, [...]

NEW Civility at Work books and materials.

Build Your Own Training Toolkits Packages NEW Civility Train the Trainer programs Start Your Own Etiquette Business Train the Trainer Setting Workplace Standards Trainer Guide Setting Workplace Standards- Business Etiquette Briefs Etiquette Around the World - Culture Reports Etiquette Essentials Tip Sheet Packs The Civility at Work Series- Trainer Lessons The Culture at Work Series- [...]

Civility in the grocery store- I couldn’t believe it!

I thought I was dreaming. But as I scrambled to gather up the pancake fixings I had dropped in the shock of the moment, I realized that I had in fact just heard the Bluetooth-clad woman in front of me apologize. She actually pulled the headset out of her ear and told the grocery cashier [...]

Go Jump Out of a Plane

Steven Slater behaved badly. But that Jet Blue flight was a collage of incivility. And in my expert opinion, the bigger civility blunder was committed by the insult-hurling passenger who willingly endangered herself and the other passengers by standing up and opening the bin before the plane came to a full stop. (Clearly everyone who [...]

The Perfect Apology – Advice from Louise Fox

You had good intentions, but somehow things got out of hand. Your brother-in-law pushed your buttons and although you tried to keep your mouth shut, you just had to say something. Now you now regret it. Big time. What should you do? An apology sends the clearest signal that we have the strength of character [...]

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