For my friend Rose Rudko

No matter what day it was, and for no reason in particular, there were always fresh flowers on the table at my friend Rose’s house. Piping hot stove-perked coffee was always served in beautiful old china cups and even store bought cookies were served on a fancy plate. “Don’t fuss Rose”, I’d always say, and, [...]

Start Your Own Civility Training Business

Are you an entrepreneur starting your own etiquette business? Are you a workplace trainer who wants to add respect and leadership training to your in-house program? Are you a parent or teacher who wants to teach children respect and manners? Civility Experts offers a comprehensive Train-the-Trainer workshops for anyone wanting to start teaching civility. Visit Etiquette [...]

Grand Opening- The Etiquette House, Houston TEXAS

Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts is pleased to provide mentorship and support to Chytonya Dupree as she and her team in Houston get ready to launch The Etiquette House. The Etiquette House, Inc is dedicated to improving communities and impacting lives through stable, adaptable programs and resident services. Our years of experience, accomplished reputation [...]

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