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Louisa Akaiso

Training Director


Certified expert on Leadership with focus on Image, Branding, International protocol and Executive presence. Renowned Image Consultant, Trainer, Certified Brand Mentor, Etiquette and International Protocol Expert, Motivational Speaker and Coach to individual and corporate clients. Louisa Akaiso also conspicuously stands out globally at the mention of Youth and Women Empowerment and Human Rights Advocating, Leadership, Youth and Women Empowerment. Obtained degrees and certifications in, Business and Professional Communications from the West London College, London, and University of Toronto, Canada respectively. Louisa was certified as an Image strategist and consultant with the renowned International Image Institute, Toronto, Canada. Holds certifications in Business Etiquette and International Protocol from the prestigious Protocol School of Washington, USA; Leadership Coaching from the John Maxwell leadership Institute, and Personal Brand Strategizing from the renowned Reach Communications Consulting in North America. Conferred as global ambassador and President for the Nigerian chapter by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)1 , on the basis of her contribution to Image consulting.

Louisa served as a women’s human right advocate, with the Women’s Human Rights Institute, Toronto Canada, and a Vice President (PR) for Toastmasters International, Canada. She presently serve as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. She is also a member of Women International League for peace and freedom (WILPF). She served as the Regional Director for Association of Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO DC, USA). Currently runs a Not for Profit Organization focusing on creating leadership empowerment programs for women and girls and economic developmental program for female entrepreneurs. Frequently, Louisa participates in gender coaching/trainings at the United Nations Women (UN Women), a global international development agency.

Globally, Louisa Akaiso is well known for her holistic and transformational approach to leadership, civility training and image consulting. As former AICI President in Nigeria, she is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of etiquette trainers and image consultants in Nigeria/West Africa. Louisa also provides oversight to in-country etiquette trainers and image consultants, drawing on global best practices, in areas of etiquette training, coaching services provision, to individual and corporate clients on etiquette, appearance, civility, leadership, communication skills and international protocol. Louisa Akaiso is the Founder and President of LA Image Consulting Group and The Civility Academy, North America, with branches in Africa. LA Image Consulting Group and The Civility Academy are renowned for standardizing and tailoring leadership, civility, etiquette, protocol and image trainings to suit different nationalities and cultural settings. She serves as a Director in The Civility Academy Initiative for Women’s Leadership, an NGO with branches in North America and West Africa. Louisa Akaiso’s expertise includes guiding clients to achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence. This, she facilitates through workshops and trainings.

Currently, Louisa Akaiso partners with renowned leadership experts, civility and image masters from across the world to provide on-ground world-class leadership, civility and image consulting trainings to Africans. Completion of these trainings leads to issuance of accredited certifications to prospective civility trainers, leadership and image consultants, which ultimately makes them job-market attractive and ready. Louisa Akaiso’s niche specialization areas are in Women/Girls Leadership, Civility, and Corporate/Youth Etiquette, Image assessment, Branding and International protocol. In these areas, she frequently facilitates local and overseas trainings to prospective etiquette trainers and image consultants, providing them the opportunity to practice at similar capacity with their contemporaries’ world over.

Louisa brings over fifteen years’ experience in active etiquette coaching, personal branding, image consulting, leadership and international protocol. She has been featured as a host expert on TV programs such as Planet Africa on Omni TV in Canada and Your View on TV Continental (TVC) television station in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Louisa served her community by mentoring and facilitating a Youth’s Leadership program for teenagers in the Peel Region, Brampton, Ontario. Canada.


In a nutshell, Louisa Akaiso is…

One with a well defined focus – Helping emerging and established leaders build a strong personal brand and professional presence that creates trust relationships both internally and in the market place.

Adage – “Empowering You to Show Up With Style, Powerful Presence, Confidence and Class!”

AICI is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. The Civility Academy – Affiliate of renowned Canadian-based Civility Experts Worldwide AWLO – Association of Women in Leadership Organization


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