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Prajitha Kurup

Civility Advisor


Promoting Polished Skills for Life and Business

“Civility is a powerful tool for promoting a culture of respect, developing meaningful relationships, and improving self-confidence to give wings to your dreams” this according to Civility Advisor Prajitha Kurup.

Prajitha also believes that civility starts at home. And so encouraged by her family, she joined the international affiliate team at Civility Experts Worldwide Inc. and launched Polished Skills For Life and Business in 2017. Calgary, Canada based Polished Skills specializes in workplace civility training, personal social skills consultations, and confidence and character classes for children. The Polished Skills team also has an exclusive license to offer the world-renowned ICTC validated Civility at Work© and Courtesy Coach© Certification programs throughout Alberta, Canada.

Prajitha moved to Canada from Mumbai, India. in 2010. She studied Business and Public Relations at India’s Wellingkar Institute of Management Studies and proceeded to work with India’s top-notch Public Relations agencies that served clients in various industries including fashion and design. Throughout her decade long human resources career, Prajitha noticed that people of all ages were deeply affected by others uncivil behaviour towards them affecting their performance at work, at school or sometimes to even find a job. As a candidate for Master Civility Trainer status, Prajitha knows from experience and from reviewing the research that civility in our day to day interactions can put you, and everyone around you, in a better mind frame helping to develop healthier and meaningful relationships.

What’s next? Polished Skills anticipates launching an office in India in late 2018 and watch for Prajitha’s new book addressing the impact of technology on civility, anticipated early 2019.


Civility costs nothing and buys everything

– Mary Wortley Montagu


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Civility at Work

Civility training has been proven to improve morale, productivity, retention, and even the bottom line. Could incivility be a problem in your workplace or organization? Get in touch.


Business Etiquette

Fine-tune your professional skills, present a polished image, navigate corporate events and more with our Civility Experts Business Etiquette workshops series.

Classes for Children

Knowing what is expected in social settings helps children ages 5-12 feel confident and behave appropriately. Register now for our children’s civility and etiquette classes!

Rosebud Club

Join us for good friends, tea parties and fun activities while learning how to engage in conversation and social skills. Set a table, arrange flowers, plan a party: just a few of our activities for girls ages 5 -10!

Etiquette Tea Parties

Who doesn’t love a tea party? Imagine the fun if the tea party includes up to 10 good friends, dress-up, a candy bar, a mini-etiquette lesson to learn tea etiquette and the art of serving a beautiful cake.

Ooh La La!

Our Coco Chanel inspired space (Black and White with Pink and Sparkle) is just large enough to accommodate up to 10 party guests including the guest of honor, plus a maximum of two adults to celebrate in style!

Little Miss Manners

Graduates of this program will develop skills they need to be successful at school, with friends, and in life. This series teaches what is expected AND respected in social settings to boost their confidence.


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The 30% Solution

What would you do with 30% more profit? Research shows that organizations that actively engage in civil communications and foster a culture of civility experience an average 30% increase in retention and profitability. The 30% Solution offer insight about how to build a culture of civility in your workplace.

The 30% Solution Templates Workbook
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Learn how to implement a civility initiative in your work place and increase retention, engagement and profitability.


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