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Dr. Linda A. Lara

Training Director


“Every person has the potential to change the world, and each of us has a moral obligation to find and build that potential for the betterment of humankind,” this according to Dr. Linda A. Lara, who is an entrepreneur, award winning community change maker, in demand trainer and professional speaker.

In addition to credentials in Transformation Leadership, Dr. Lara has a PHD in Philosophy, is a Golden Rule Civility Statesman, an ordained minister, a candidate for Master Civility Trainer Status under ICTC, and upon completion will be one of only 17 Master Certified Trainers in the World. Civility helps change culture and intentionally helps people to be civil in what they say, what they do, and how they treat people.

Together with her husband of 45 years, Dr. Lara, Dr. Lara co-founded the Firehouse Community Development Corporation in 2008 which develops “At Risk Youth.” They strive to help every at risk youth that enters their program to become successful in life and achieve their dreams, passions, goals and desires. She also funded School of Equipping all People at their Life’s Level (SEAPLL) which is training men and women into their purposes, gifts and calls.

These experiences are encapsulated in Dr. Lara’s niche are of expertise related to civility training which is the 4 P’s for success in life and work: Purpose, Potential, Power, Praise.

You can follow Dr. Linda A. Lara on her YouTube show “Kingdom Innovators,” where she empowers others to become all they were created to be.  Watch for her new book, “This is What We Do,” due for release Dec. 2019.


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