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Nyaradzo Magadzire

Training Director


Nyarie believes that….

  • etiquette tames diversity for success.
  • you can only claim your space in the global community if you have an International awareness/consciousness…….and only etiquette can give you that kind of aptitude.
  • you can only claim your space in the global community if you have global awareness/consciousness……and only etiquette can give you that kind of aptitude.
  • etiquette gives you the aptitude that you need to claim your space in the global community….a unique kind of global/international awareness that empowers one to tap into diversity for success.
  • etiquette is the key that unlocks diversity for success.
  • etiquette empowers one to tap into diversity for success.

Nyarie is highly qualified individual holding certificates in diplomacy, etiquette and protocol in addition to certificates in bridal and events decor and rounds out her studies with a BSc. Honour degree in Records and Archives Management.

In becoming the Zimbabwe affiliate representative for In Good Company ©, Nyarie is taking her education and expertise public, sharing her knowledge and skill with etiquette with her company Distinction Etiquette and Events.

Nyarie’s dedication and committed to etiquette and civility comes from an understanding of the wants and needs of people. In her own words, “people appreciate someone who makes an effort to understand who they are and interact with them at their level. And when you have  people skills it give you the people power that you need to interact with the right people at the right time for the right effect”.

Nyarie is committed to bettering the world around her, she believes  that “the world becomes a better place when everyone makes an effort to understand their neighbour and how to interact with them.” Nyarie see diversity as one of our greatest strengths, for “the world is very colorful when you have the will to tap into its diversity by interacting the right way.”

Nyarie is a candidate for ICTC Master level Certification as a Courtesy Coach® Through In Good Company Etiquette Academy, Nyarie and her team offer dining and social skills training for all ages.


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Civility at Work

Civility training has been proven to improve morale, productivity, retention, and even the bottom line. Could incivility be a problem in your workplace or organization? Get in touch.


Business Etiquette

Fine-tune your professional skills, present a polished image, navigate corporate events and more with our Civility Experts Business Etiquette workshops series.


Professional Image

First impressions do matter, but even a polished appearance can be overshadowed by a negative attitude. Master the elements of image, attitude, and confidence!


1. Surviving a Project environment.

Your project must be delivered within cost, your project must be delivered on time and your must meet the agreed scope and also meet customer quality requirements. However, you realise that you must interact at various levels and different people. Get some tips on the soft skills that will make you survive in a project environment.

2. Excellent little champions.

You are excited that your little champion is achieving all their milestones…..but even more you want them to excel with dignity, integrity and excellence. Get some tips on how to ensure that your little champion has the soft skills that will set him/her apart from the rest.

3. Team bonding

A great team is built on the premise of respect and mutual understanding. These values require constant cultivation and nurturing.

4. Starter Pack for the newly graduated, promoted or appointed.

So you have recently graduated and it is time to interact with the corporates and you are overwhelmed…..

You have recently been promoted and with greater responsibility and accountability also comes higher level interactions…..and you do not know where to start

You have just secured that dream job and you now need to interact with the rest of the team….and you are at your wits end……

Get some professional tips for your professional interactions.


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