Dr. Renee Baker and her team of Civility Experts affiliates located in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are internationally recognized leading experts on civility in the workplace. The team of social architects are working to change organizational environments through in-person or online assessments, training, consulting, workplace initiatives, and related supports. Since 2016, the team has been been helping organizations increase profitability, competency, efficiency, retention, and engagement.

Choosing civility can have immeasurable benefits. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the global team at Civility Experts – which includes 521 affiliates in 49 countries — has supported hundreds of organizations all around the world in building better workplaces.

Civility Experts Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania also has the following subsidiaries:

In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Dr. Renée Baker, MCCT®, CCT®,CPCC®, RCC™

Training Director


Civility is the bridge between differences, guiding us towards collective progress in all aspects of life. ~ Dr. Renée Baker

Dr. Renée Baker is an entrepreneur, university professor, professional speaker, and master-certified civility trainer. With a dedication rooted in her personal and professional journey, Dr. Baker has committed herself to advancing the principles of civility, inspiring individuals and organizations alike. As the franchise owner and training director of the globally recognized Civility Experts and Etiquette Academy In Good Company, she has consistently been a pillar of excellence in workplace civility since 2016, leading centers in Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Leveraging her extensive experience from her tenure in corporate America, Dr. Baker offers strategic guidance to leaders, emphasizing cultivating environments characterized by mutual respect and professionalism. She provides invaluable insights into the nuances of civility in the workplace through keynotes, seminars, and workshops.

Under the mentorship of the globally renowned Dr. Lew Bayer, Dr. Baker has earned prestigious certifications, including the International Civility Training Consortium Master Certified Civility Trainer®, Courtesy Coach®, and Civility at Work Trainer®. She’s also a registered corporate coach. At the Good Company Etiquette Academy, Dr. Baker, alongside her team, delivers comprehensive dining and social skills training tailored for individuals across various age groups.

Beyond her professional accolades, Dr. Baker is a devoted wife and a proud mother to three daughters. Her ability to seamlessly balance her family responsibilities with her professional commitments is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and prowess in both spheres.

Originally from Southern New Jersey and now residing in St. Petersburg, Florida, Dr. Baker continues to intertwine her teachings on leadership and civility, setting a remarkable example in every facet of her life.

Ready to take the next step in your journey toward civility and leadership excellence? Please complete the contact us page and schedule a call with Dr. Baker today. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and transform together.


“Let us go down in history as the generation which not only
understood what needed to be done, but a generation which had the strength,
the self discipline, and the resolve to see it through”

– Margaret Thatcher


Sample Presentation Topics



Inclusive Leadership: Crafting Tomorrow’s Diverse Vision

Amidst a backdrop of transformative events, the call for inclusive leadership has never been louder. Delve into the pressing imperative for leaders to champion diversity and be the architects of environments that dismantle longstanding barriers. Together with Dr. Renée Baker, explore the strategic and moral imperatives for fostering inclusivity and breaking down the walls of racism, injustice, and economic disparities in organizations.

Civility at Work: The Hidden Price of Rudeness

In an era where every penny counts, have we ever assessed the toll of incivility on business? Join Dr. Renée Baker, a master civility trainer, in this enlightening session that sheds light on the tangible and intangible costs of workplace rudeness. From missed opportunities to strained relationships, understand how small acts can lead to significant financial and emotional drains.

Civility Circus: Juggling Acts of Respect

Dive into the dynamic world of civility, likened to a circus, where every act represents a facet of interpersonal respect. This presentation is a refreshed perspective on civility, tools to navigate diverse social settings, and a memorable framework to recall the pillars of etiquette.

Civility in Sync: Harmonizing Professional Etiquette

Step into the rhythm of civility, ensuring every professional encounter hits the right note. Takeaways: An appreciation of civility’s importance in professional settings, actionable strategies for harmonious work relationships, and tools for meaningful, respectful interactions.

The Power of Poise: Standing Tall in Shifting Sands

Delve deep into the art and science of maintaining composure, grace, and confidence in an ever-evolving world. Takeaways: A profound understanding of poise’s multidimensional nature, strategies to maintain composure in challenges, and recognizing the silent strength of proper poise.


Etiquette Escape Room: Unlocking Social Success

An interactive blend of the escape room thrill with invaluable lessons on politeness and decorum. Takeaways: Hands-on experience in etiquette challenges, enhanced team-building skills, and confidence in any social situation.

Navigating the Etiquette Labyrinth: Pathways to Poise

Traverse through modern etiquette’s intricate maze, decoding today’s social norms while uncovering timeless respect principles.

Takeaways: Enhanced decision-making in ambiguous social situations, a refined understanding of modern etiquette, and grace in diverse settings.


Manners’ Masquerade Ball: Unmasking Genuine Civility

A lively exploration differentiating genuine civility from mere manners.

Takeaways: A deeper understanding of true civility vs. performative politeness, strategies for genuine connections, and empowerment in interactions.

The Civility Compass: Charting Respectful Horizons

Sail the seas of civility, discovering landmarks of genuine respect and routes to mutual understanding.

Takeaways: A map of civility’s evolving landscape, tools to navigate gracefully, and a commitment to fostering genuine respect.

Ready to elevate your personal and professional interactions? Dr. Renée Baker’s offerings provide transformative experiences tailored for our modern world while honoring timeless principles. Don’t miss out! Reach out today and embark on this journey toward civility, etiquette, and leadership for your organization.


Workplace Training

Civility improves morale, productivity, retention, and even the bottom line. Could incivility be a problem in your workplace?

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Business Etiquette

Fine-tune your professional skills, present a polished image, navigate corporate events and more with our Business Etiquette workshops series: Just Plain Rude, Corporate CourtesiesHow to Avoid Being a Cocktail Weenie™: Mixing Business with Pleasure and Corporate Dining and Entertaining for Business.

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Civility Culture Assessment

The Compass Assessment provides a needs assessment framework across four core conditions that have been shown to impact the effectiveness of training in four key competency areas required to build a culture of civility in your workplace.

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Communication Etiquette

Whether verbal or non-verbal, in person, in print or online, our communications send a message. Learn how to communicate effectively and courteously in any medium with our Communication Etiquette workshop series: High Tech Talk and Communicating Confidence and Competence.

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Social Intelligence

We’re pleased to offer this exclusive, ground-breaking training in Social IQ. Developed by Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, these courses are based on research that found that up to 85% of our long-term success in life and work is based on our Social Skills.

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