Powered Profit

Civility Training in Alberta, Canada


Powered Profit offers civility training, civility train-the-trainer certification, civility workshops and webinars, business etiquette training, civility books and materials, organizational workplace and civility assessments, “Start a Civility Initiative” kits, social intelligence and cultural competence coaching, keynote presentations, international business etiquette consulting, and much more.


Jessica LaRusso

Training Director

“Civility opens the door to positive culture change, personal achievement and powerful long-lasting relationships.”
In addition to leading teams, constructing business plans and designing process and codes of conducts, Jessica LoRusso has volunteered her time as the President with the ALS society; Finalist for Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Building Business and Excellence in Service Categories) for three consecutive years and Winner of Rookie of the Year, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Jessica is a serial entrepreneur with 20 plus year experience build several million dollar businesses and knows firsthand how to achieve business success and profit. After selling her successful MediSpa in 2014 Jessica with her team launched Powered Profit that specializes in teaching entrepreneurs to be industry leaders, multiply their business and dominate their competition.

One niche service that Jessica and her team provide is civility at work training and civility train the trainer with the International Civility Consortium Trainers. Jessica is one of nine civility master trainers in the world and is launching her second book “ Be Believable” Creating a credible business.