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The 30% Solution

Based on the international best-selling book The 30% Solution by Civility Experts CEO Lew Bayer


This workshop is a ready-to-use tool kit with practical applications for:

  • Business consultants
  • Performance and productivity analysts
  • Workplace trainers
  • Social and communication training facilitators
  • Customer service experts
  • Business owners, managers, supervisors,
  • and individuals who want to build a better workplace.

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The Civility Culture Compass®

and The Civility Competency Matrix®


The Civility Culture Compass® and the Civility Competence Matrix® are ground-breaking tools created to help organizations pinpoint conditions that may be contributing to a culture of incivility and offer strategic training solutions to address skill gaps in four key competency areas.

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Feature Public Workshops

Executive Finishing School


Recent research out of Harvard University suggests that because our long-term success in work and in life is 85% dependent on our “soft skills”, we would all be wise to make sure we are socially competent.

Completion of this 2-day program entitles the participant to a Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©.

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Civility Works

Bestselling Session


Lateness, bullying, complacency, theft, gossiping, low service standards, dishonesty, poor quality, sloppy dress, cell phone interruptions… the list of rude behaviours experienced in the workplace is endless. Left unchecked, incivility is like a virus that infects our workplaces. This interesting and relevant workshop assesses your current workplace situation and offers solutions for stopping the incivility virus from spreading in your workplace.

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