Certified Civility Trainer®

Certificate Program


The Certified Civility Trainer® program was created by Civility Experts Worldwide and it is a validated industry credential program supported by the International Civility Trainer’s Consortium.

This training program will provide communication and image consultants, etiquette trainers, Human Resource professionals, business owners, teachers, and others with all the tools and knowledge they need to successfully assess civility, deliver civility training, and provide related knowledge and insights to support organizations where a culture of civility is a priority – or individuals who value civility.

After completing either the distance or the live sessions program participants will be granted a “Certificate of Achievement” to recognize completion of the coursework for the Certified Civility Trainer® program. They will then be eligible to write the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium certification exam to be recognized as a Certified Civility Trainer®.


Email us at support@civilityexperts.com for more information.