Certified Social Competence Trainer®

Certificate Program


In our increasingly global and constantly changing world of work, education and on-the-job experience is not enough to guarantee a successful career. Only 15% of your workplace success is determined by hard skills, while the remaining 85% of your success depends on soft skills. Rapidly declining Social I.Q. hurts performance, productivity and the bottom line.

Employees must be prepared to adapt to a climate of constant change, accept varying cultures, trends, personalities and behaviors and respond appropriately in any situation. The surest way to make that happen is to make it a priority to increase the Social I.Q. of each member of your staff. The Social I.Q.: Bringing Civility Back to the Workplace training kit will provide you with everything you need to offer that training. Created to meet the growing demand for social competence in the workplace, by internationally acclaimed civility at work expert Lew Bayer and founder of Civility Experts Worldwide, this multimedia toolkit will teach you how to bring civility back to the workplace. Executives, managers, human resource professionals and business professionals of all levels will learn how to increase their Social I.Q. and learn how to act appropriately in all business settings, portraying confidence and professionalism while doing so.

Participants will discover:

  • The three elements of social intelligence and why each is important to your success on the job
  • How to assess your own Social I.Q.
  • How your social style can be adjusted for greater fit and how this can benefit you in your career
  • What it means to be etiquette-wise and how to avoid social and business blunders that can damage your reputation
  • How high social intelligence can help you navigate language, cultural and generational barriers
  • Ways you can boost your Social I.Q. using the S.P.A.C.E. method
  • How to be more confident in unfamiliar situations
  • How to behave appropriately and use Social I.Q. to send positive impressions
  • How to build credibility based on respectful behavior
  • How to lead others by example

This course includes:

  • Estimated 20 hour online training; includes time for pre-work, homework, assessment, and recommended reading.
  • 94-pages of training materials and tools including assessments, forms, advice and strategies for boosting Social I.Q. in your workplace.
  • Trainer’s guide complete with a training session format, sample agenda, discussion points and exercises trainers can use to facilitate an interactive and comprehensive training session.
  • Trainee’s guide session participants can reference again and again.
  • Customizable, Print-Ready Forms that make it easy to print and share training materials.

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