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  • Learning to Think Lean: Six Steps with Review Points
    5S is the basis for Lean manufacturing and the foundation for a disciplined approach to the clean workplace. The five steps of 5S are (in Japanese and English): The benefits of Lean Steps 1, 2 and 3 allow a company to produce more than before and in a way ... read more
  • Hewitt: Council solidifies firing of city attorney, hires new one
    “(It was) a good faith attempt to improve civility and decorum ... Buenger said he wasn’t surprised by the vote because of Passalugo’s previous behavior. "The Mayor had said something to me, kind of a threatening, ya know, ‘I have a long ... read more
  • George Washington vs. Workplace Drama
    When George Washington was a teenager, he both copied out by hand and tweaked 110 “rules of civility and decent behavior.” These rules had ... For this issue on how to motivate your team in the workplace, I offer a curated list 10 rules on how to ... read more
  • How to Address Sticky Workplace Office Etiquette Issues
    A Pennsylvania man was allegedly fired for farting too much at work. Seriously. Apparently he had some medical ... s shoes who had to deal with this sensitive breach of office etiquette. How would you like to have that conversation? According to the ... read more
  • Can you teach a jerk how to be a nice person?
    Behavior training breaks down into four parts that remain consistent whether the student is learning a new workout move or a new skill at work ... or of respectful workplace interactions, might ... read more
  • When the Desire for Happiness Became a Science
    James’ ideas about emotion would help later psychologists as they began to focus on human behavior and what makes human’s happy ... It is also your attitudes, goals and engaging activities at work. Happiness not only feels good, but is beneficial ... read more
  • More to anti-harassment policy than avoiding lawsuit | Opinion
    If there was any buzzword that reigned supreme over the past year related to workplace harassment and discrimination issues, it would be “civility ... that comedians actually joked about his behavior on national television. The limited statistical ... read more
  • Smartphone Etiquette 2018 [Infographic]
    The responses will no doubt come as little surprise, though it's certainly impactful to see some of those behavioral trends highlighted in hard data. You can check out the full results in the infographic below - and of particular note for marketers ... read more
  • A Week In Anchorage, AL, On A Joint $175,000 Income
    I take it to a computer repair shop and they replace the battery ... so we take full advantage of the free house and car to use. $35 2:40 p.m. — Pop into Target since M. has B. and I don't want to feel rushed in the store. I ... read more
  • We can’t afford the madness, sisters
    I was in the same place that same year when I read to my uncomprehending baby girl the history-making news that Serena Williams ... The upper-class, etiquette-bound, country club traditions ... read more
  • Off the Bench | Restoring civility in our society
    I received comments from two judges in the Circuit Court of Cook County and one from Dr. Steve Ambrose, co-founder of Walk The Ridge, which he described as "a growing movement and learning organization for civility at work, in the home, within our ... read more
  • Ethics committee report details investigation of Baltimore Del. Curt Anderson
    The panel concluded there was sufficient evidence to uphold the other allegations against Anderson — that he had engaged in “inappropriate behavior ... in the workplace” and “inconsistent with the standards of conduct, civility, and decorum ... read more
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