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  • Conservative Skepticism and the Pandemic
    Third, because of the early warnings about it, large portions of the population have modified their daily behavior in terms of personal contact ... Not only are these factors of knowledge in play, but U.S. businesses are hard at work on all sorts of projects to expand our medical ... read more
  • Coronavirus do’s and don’ts: What are you allowed to do in the UAE?
    As more public places and spaces in the United Arab Emirates close down and more measures are put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, below are some updated rules on behavior, according to government ... or go to work if they are needed at the ... read more
  • Why Warren Supporters Aren’t Going To Bernie
    After Senator Elizabeth Warren’s announcement to end her bid for the Presidency, many of her supporters are still reeling and left wondering: where do we go from here? Senator Warren’s supporters are best described as progressive policy-wonks, ... read more
  • Handshakes, kisses, hugs out for the duration of pandemic
    Myka Meier is an etiquette expert with more than 61,000 followers on Instagram ... And private citizens are adjusting their behavior with others, both casual and intimate. Terrett Drake, 43, a market research executive in Manhattan, for example, has begun moving as far away as possible from people on ... read more
  • Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for remote working and distance learning
    To make the most of your experience in Teams, there are some everyday best practices and etiquette that will go a long way. Find out how in the video below. This presentation is a little under an ... read more
  • T.S. Eliot as Conservative Mentor
    And the attempt by the poet to rediscover and belong to a tradition that will give sense and meaning to his language is one with the attempt to find a tradition of belief, of behavior, and of historical allegiance ... we approach dialogue with magnanimity rather than with mere ... read more
  • Worried About Accidentally Harassing a Woman? Don’t Be
    Let’s start with the legal definition of workplace ... finds the behavior offensive. A reasonable person would need to find it hostile or abusive. Don’t like ads? Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free In fact, the Supreme Court has gone out of its way ... read more
  • employee expects us all to attend her destination wedding, avoiding handshakes during coronavirus, and more
    One of our employees firmly believes that since we spend most of our time at work, coworkers should function more like family than like ... (This may be an issue anyway, given her colleagues will not all be in attendance.) What is the general etiquette for bosses attending employee ... read more
  • Ezra Klein’s “Why We’re Polarized” and the Drawbacks of Explainer Journalism
    By mixing experimental psychology with evolutionary biology, then aligning their findings with exciting new developments in cognitive neuroscience, political commentators can explain any social behavior by pointing to its origins ... s “Culture Gabfest” podcast and is currently at work on a book about the nineteen-eighties. ... read more
  • Work as religion: why Protestants need to let go of the Protestant Work Ethic
    Today when some congregants come to worship, the minister is surprised they are not at work. “The church’s job is to teach people that their lives are bigger than their work.” More and more Americans define themselves by the work they do. They are ... read more
  • Are Fines Dandy?
    London-based commercial property firm Savoy Stewart surveyed 1,566 U.S. office workers about workplace fines. The respondents showed support for fining ... noting that managers and supervisors should already be giving feedback on such behavior. Well-managed workplaces are inclusive and inspire people to do their best, Andrews says. ... read more
  • Literature Highlights
    Using graphs, the authors visualize the potential danger of a violent exotherm and highlight the variation in reaction behavior depending on the constituents and conditions ... Risk management is a complex and continuous responsibility in any scientific workplace. Today, health and safety includes both the routine requirements and understanding ... read more
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