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  • 11 habits that can make you lose respect at work
    The problem is that not many will speak out when they are made uncomfortable. They will simply tolerate it publicly and make a mental note. ... read more
  • You Live Your Life Online. Don’t Forget Your Manners
    As more of our lives moves online, good digital etiquette is critical. Just as we judge people by their behavior IRL — in real life — so we take note when ... and social skills that are frequently touted as a necessity for success in the workplace and are ... read more
  • Are rude and crude the new norm, or will America bring back civility? | Expert column
    workplace harassment and bullying than openly discussing how a lack of civility is tearing apart the basic fabric of society? Steven Mintz is author of “Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior.” His “Workplace Ethics Advice” blog has been recognized as one of the top 30 ... read more
  • Six Ways in Which Getting Job Overseas Can Further Your Career
    Some workplace practices are universally acceptable while others vary in their interpretation and acceptance. Norms and laws regarding ethical behavior, social etiquette, workplace sexual harassment, office safety, overtime payments, vendor relations, and other aspects may differ greatly across nations. An overseas experience sensitizes you to ... read more
  • Are Rude And Crude The New Norm, Or Will America Bring Back Civility?
    In short, civility is taking a beating ... Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior, has frequently commented on ethical issues in society and business ethics. His Workplace Ethics Advice blog has been recognized as one of the top 30 in corporate social responsibility. He also has served as an ... read more
  • How To Address A Toxic Environment At Work
    Furthermore, the data showed a powerful connection between leaders upholding organizational values (e.g., walking the talk) and a positive work environment. “Organizations should invest in upskilling managers and holding them accountable for their actions. Providing skills training in conflict management, critical conversations, coaching ... read more
  • Is Jane Fonda A Dangerous Woman?
    Climate change is defensible by many, doubted by others and debated by all. And while bullying, bad behavior and turning a blind eye to injustice are becoming normalized, common courtesy, kindness and civility are now being legislated through Workplace Inclusion & Equity initiatives. Sadly, our nation is fractured, broken ... read more
  • Professional etiquette: Build your career on it
    Yet, some hospital managers note a decline in the professional habits of veterinary team members. 4 Thus, the gap. You May Also Like Veterinarians lead council for animal protection Who is responsible for instilling professionalism in employees: parents, educators, or businesses? Unfortunately, the burden usually falls on businesses because ... read more
  • Texas McDonald’s Franchisee Settles Sex Harassment Lawsuit for $340K
    The company will also conduct detailed annual sexual harassment training for all employees that encompasses topics such as respect and civility in the workplace; the ways in which employees can report unwelcome workplace behavior; how an employee who believes she has witnessed harassment can appropriately intervene; and the consequences ... read more
  • How China brainwashes ethnic minority Uighurs in its mass detention camps
    Eye witnesses have reported guards using brutal forms of torture and rape, and people dying due to poor living conditions and lack of medical treatment. The BBC reports that around ... 15,683 Xinjiang residents who had been flagged by technology were rounded up and put in internment camps. The ... read more
  • If Your Boss Is Passive-Aggressive, You Must Read This
    but the most frustrating passive-aggressive boss behavior is the dreaded "rock fetch." Here's the routine: You: "I need a decision on this. It is a go? Or a no-go?" Boss: "I'm inclined to say yes, but first I need you to do A." So you spend time and effort--in ... read more
  • Daytime Babysitter Makes Herself Too Much at Home
    She watches my grandson Monday through Friday while they are at work. They live with me ... My suggestion was for her to be clear and tell the woman she's uncomfortable with the behavior and ask her to stop. What do you think? -- NOT SITTING WELL IN ... read more
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