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  • Labor Law: Steps companies need to take to promote a good work environment
    Those considering a job at Denver-based Jackson National Life Insurance might be impressed with its assurance, posted on its career website, that “our people are what make us truly unique.” The website also promises applicants: “Our diverse group of innovators, ... read more
  • 9 Ways To Make Your Meetings Matter
    Everyone attends them, most people hate them, and few are done well. What are we talking about? Meetings! Studies show that poorly-run meetings are a multi-billion-dollar problem in U.S. organizations. ... read more
  • The Allure of Life Sabbaticals
    As technology evolves, it becomes adopted in different spheres of social and professional ... which will strive toward increasing output and productivity. We're going to see all kinds of new, exciting innovations along the way and the workspace in 10 years might not be compatible with these very structures, ... read more
  • What Should Be in an Employees Work Handbook–How About Civility Procedures?
    These are very important, however, is incivility or bullying addressed in your company employee handbook? While bullying is not illegal according to employment law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it has a negative rippling effect on many people in the workforce. The victim of workplace incivility may turn ... read more
  • Hope for a Better Decade
    Workplaces offer a blueprint by demonstrating that the culture of civility starts at the top, and also that diversity and inclusion enhance civility. • Social media have a responsibility to help mitigate uncivil behavior ... among friends and in the workplace. We are making it a priority to vote ... read more
  • How to Style Like Millennials
    Lifestyle, world-view, and consumption behavior of millennials are different and companies are paying special ... Follow these simple rules to make the millennial style statement effectively without compromising the basic clothing etiquette. Strong Foundation Matters Your sense of freedom finds strength from a strong foundation, so your shoes ... read more
  • Dropping F bombs still the No. 1 no-no in office etiquette but tattoos becoming more acceptable
    “If you’re new, sit back and observe, observe, observe! Taking a conservative approach to your workplace behavior will pay off in the long run.” One of the more interesting changes in office acceptability are visible tattoos. “Visible tattoos topped the list of things that were problematic 10 years ago, ... read more
  • Ari Fleischer comes out against resurrecting White House briefings — and blames press ‘hostility’ to Trump
    So if you’re asking about my behavior, I can just tell you what I’ve done ... So when you’re talking about respect and civility — obviously they employ you, so there’s only so much you can say — but what do you see that they’re contributing to this conversation? ... read more
  • I have an etiquette question?
    If a guy I don't know comes up to me at work and says hi to me - I won't initiate contact unless our job paths cross because he could be hitting on me when I don't like him - and also I don't want to make too many ... read more
  • Why Ari Fleischer is against resurrecting the extinct White House press briefings
    Famously, you said that you didn't support Trump in the election. But you do now. At what point do you look at the events that are either connected to Trump or that he’s precipitated in terms of tensions not just between party but also between the people of this ... read more
  • The Last Speech: “A Thing Called Civilization”
    their forms of behavior, but also the way in which they connect to each other, eye to eye, face to face, in the day-to-day life which they share. This is something which has ordinary dimensions in the workplace and in the community, in our day to day. ... read more
  • In aftermath of Ukraine crisis, a climate of mistrust and threats
    In 2017, Blackburn chastised Trump for his fixation on score-settling and petty insults, writing on Facebook that "civility in all our interactions ... For months, Hill arrived at work nearly each day to find venomous messages left on her work phone ... read more
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