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Civility Culture Compass Assessment

The purpose of conducting a needs assessment is to better understand the reason why things are the way they are- rather than the way they should be and how we want them to be. Analyzing the issues and factors that are creating the current situation in your workplace, helps us know what the solution is to get us where we want to be, and where, when, and how we will apply that solution.

Based on years of research and experience in the field, The Civility Experts Team has come to understand that there are four key conditions that impact civility in the workplace, uses an expanded version our proprietary Civility Culture Compass Assessment Tool®- a free basic version is offered here. Outcomes of the Compass Assessment, help determine which of four key competencies your team might need training in- and based on this information, Civility Experts can devise a cost-effective, targeted, and customized civility training solution for your team.



This Organizational Needs Assessment provides a needs assessment framework across four core conditions that have been shown to impact the effectiveness of training in four key competency areas required to build a culture of civility in your workplace.

Read each statement carefully. Indicate whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Make sure your responses relate to your organization. Once complete, you will be shown a score indicating how “ideal” the conditions are in each of the four areas in your organization. Based on these scores, you can then take the next steps to determine which skills on the Civility Competency Matrix® your team needs training in.

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