Certified Courtesy Coach®

The Children’s Character, Confidence, and Courtesy Coach© Train the Trainer program


This program was created by Civility Experts Worldwide and it is a validated industry credential program supported by the International Civility Trainer’s Consortium.

This training program will provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and other children’s programs training professionals with all the tools they need to successfully deliver character, confidence and courtesy lessons and workshops to children ages 4-12 years. The Courtesy Coach® program is mandatory for all licensees and/or franchisees and sub-franchisees in the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Group.

After completing either the distance or the live trainer sessions program participants will be granted a “Certificate of Achievement” to recognize completion of the coursework for the Courtesy Coach® designation. They will then be eligible to write the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium certification exam to be recognized as a Certified Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach®. Contact us for more information.

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Course Link: http://www.civilityexperts.thinkific.com/courses/


Courtesy Coach Live Train the Trainer Dates 2018 

(Download Civility at Work Train the Trainer Dates 2018 PDF)


  • January 8-12, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA – SOLD OUT
  • January 27 & 28, Toronto, Ontario Canada (Be a Bestselling Author Bootcamp) SOLD OUT
  • February 16-24, California, USA – SOLD OUT
  • February 28- March 4, Vancouver, BC, Canada – SOLD OUT
  • March 3-7, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
  • March 7-11, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – SOLD OUT
  • March 12-16, Philippines
  • March 19-23, Los Angles, California – SOLD OUT
  • March 30-31, Preferred Partner Offering: 3Cs Workshop – Civility in Schools and the Community, Conway, AR
  • April 5-9, Chicago, Il, USA – Delivered by Civility Experts Inc. CEO, Lew Bayer
  • April 10, Chicago, Il, USA (Golden Rule Civility Statesman)
  • April 12- World Civility Day, Gary, Indiana
  • April 13-14, Preferred Partner Offering: 3C’s (Civility, Compassion, Courage) – Chicagoland Area
  • April 18-22, Tampa, FL
  • April 23-26, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Registration Closed
  • April 27-29, Philadelphia, PA – Executive Finishing School
  • May 6-10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • May 11-13, NYC, NY – Executive Finishing School
  • May 16-20, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • May 18-19, Preferred Partner Offering: 3Cs Workshop – Civility in Schools and the Community, North Little Rock, AR
  • June 4-8, Winnipeg, MB
  • June 6-10, Philadelphia – Civility at Work Live Train the Trainer Master Class
  • June 18-22, Preferred Partner Offering: Business Etiquette and Protocol Train the Trainer, Morocco
  • June 24-28, Taiwan
  • June 25-29, Morocco
  • July 23-27, Morocco
  • July 26-27, Preferred Partner Offering: 3C’s (Civility, Compassion, Courage)Train-the-Trainer, Conway, AR
  • September 17-21, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada- Delivered by Civility Experts Inc. CEO, Lew Bayer
  • September 21 – World Peace Day Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sept 22, Winnipeg, MB, Canada (Golden Rule Civility Statesman)
  • Sept 23-24 – Winnipeg, MB, Canada (Civility Experts Worldwide Master Class)
  • October 4-8, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • October 8-12, Los Angeles, California
  • October 10-14, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • November 6-10, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • December 24-28, Morocco