Master Certified Civility Trainer®

Certificate Program


The Master Certified Civility at Work (MCCT®) designation is awarded to individuals who have completed both the Civility at Work and the Courtesy Coach Certificate programs. At present there are only 8 Master Certified Civility Trainers in the world. In addition to completing Courtesy Coach and Civility Trainer, there are additional activities and learning requirements to be promoted to Master status. Overall, achieving Master status requires about 200 hours of study.

Additional requirements include (but are not limited to):

  • proof of application/transfer of learning
  • evidence of paid training delivery
  • verification of continuous and prior learning
  • published work
  • recent media interaction, e.g., interview
  • minimum 5 years in the field
  • references
  • interview with ICTC Board member
  • passing grade of 85% plus on ICTC exam

Contact us for more information or to apply for Master level status.