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Desperate Times… Desperate Measures

Focus: What in the world is going on? Why are people increasingly uncivil? And what is the solution – how can we be better, and make our world a little better?
Rationale: Research shows that alarmingly, 43% of Millennials (the generation born 1980’s to early 2000) reported expecting to experience incivility in the next 24 hours. Studies also show that regardless of our age, most of us experience incivility an average of 2.4 times a day. It’s no wonder then, that more than 50% of people polled said they believe civility will get worse in the next few years. Things can get worse? It’s time for a change.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • What the research shows- the cause of all this incivility
  • The good news- trends indicating we’re ready for a change
  • Choosing civility- what it takes, and what the outcome will be

Civility at Work

Focus: Civility in the Workplace (Understanding the cost of rudeness to business)
Rationale: Incivility costs! If you had a penny for every apology, every minute of telephone tag, every negative impression, and every unnecessary meeting would you be rich? Join internationally acclaimed civility expert, Lew Bayer, for a practical and thought-provoking presentation tangible cost of rudeness to business.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • The tangible cost of rudeness to business: stats and facts.
  • What are the causes of incivility in the workplace?
  • 3 simple approaches to increasing respect and leadership at work

A Little Respect Please

Focus: Fostering respect and courtesy in our children, homes, and communities) “The hardest jobs kids face these days is learning good manners without seeing any.” — Fred Astaire
Rationale: How often have you heard yourself or someone else say, “Kids these days…?” Statistics suggest that it is true; people (not just kids) in general are ruder these days. How did we get here and more importantly what are we going to do about it? Join Canada’s Civility Expert and learn how you can make the world just a little more civilized.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • Trends and circumstances: where are we and where are we headed?
  • What does “respect mean?”
  • 3 simple guidelines for teaching kids respect and fostering courtesy

Manners and Moral IQ

Focus: The decline of civility and what we can do about it.
Rationale: We are in a civility crisis! Experts suggest that general civility, moral IQ, and social responsibility are on a rapid decline. More and more we are feeling the social impact of a high-tech, low touch world and generations of children are growing up with lowered moral IQ. Join Canada’s civility expert for a practical and important look at how each of us can contribute to changing the course of the civility crisis.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • Real-life review; scenarios and situations
  • What is moral IQ and what does it have to do with manners?
  • The good news…

Let’s Make Common Sense Common Practice

Focus: Guidelines for Modern Manners- adapted to either a social or business audience
Rationale: Consistency, credibility, and courtesy…these are key components for success in business and in life. In addition, most people understand that having superior communication skills, presenting a positive first impression, and portraying an other-focused attitude should be common sense. However, in our high-tech, fast-paced, competitive world, common sense is not always common practice and rudeness is rampant. Join Canada’s Civility Expert and learn how to improve your Social IQ by applying the modern guidelines for respected and expected behaviour in any situation.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • What is your social IQ?
  • It’s not easy being nice; what does social IQ have to do with etiquette?
  • The top ten expected and respected behavior

How Not to be a Cocktail Weenie

Focus: Making the most of networking sessions
Rationale: How many nights have you lingered by the shrimp tree at a networking event and asked yourself, “What am I doing here?” If doing a few simple things could help you take the work out of networking, enhance your confidence, and generate advice, support, feedback, and development leads for growing your business, wouldn’t you want to do those things? Join Canada’s Civility Expert for entertaining tips on how not to be a cocktail weenie.

Overview for 60 minutes: (this is an interactive session; best delivered in a reception environment)

  • What does a weenie look like?
  • What is networking, really?
  • 10 tips for networking that work

Building a Baloney Sandwich

Focus: Life Lessons and Entrepreneurship
Rationale: Remember all those times when things were really bad and you told yourself that one day you’d look back and laugh? Well, today is that day. Join entrepreneur, author, and civility expert Lew Bayer for a humorous look at making mistakes, making amends, and making it work.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • I can’t believe I did that-excerpts from a day in the life of an etiquette lady
  • I’ll just have to do it myself: tips for making amends and recovering from social catastrophes
  • So, how did I get this far? Moving forward in a crazy world.

“Give Me A Break”

Focus: (Finding Balance and Behaving in an uncivilized world)
Rationale: Strangers with 20 items in the 8 item lane at the grocer, tailgaters who makes you crazy on your daily drive, the nice-enough friend who is always late, or the co-worker who just doesn’t get that leather pants are not business appropriate attire…guaranteed someone is behaving badly somewhere, right now. In a world where careless is cool and no one seems proud to be polite, how do you set standards and stay sane? Join Canada’s civility expert and learn how to be civilized when everyone else is behaving badly.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • Dealing with the devils you know
  • Finding purpose and setting priorities
  • Social trends and issues; forecasting the future

Macaroni and Please

Focus: Manners in the modern world- For parents, teachers, and caregivers
Rationale: Have you ever met a table monster? Somewhere lurking behind the mashed potatoes is a Slobbergobbelrex, or maybe a Toyasaurous, and you’d better be prepared because these monsters’ big appetites come along with terrible table manners. Manners are not just about which fork to use, they are about fostering respectfulness and teaching responsibility. Join Canada’s expert and learn tips and techniques for making dining manners fun and you just might tame those tale monsters.

Overview for 60 minutes:

  • Understanding the 4 E’s rule
  • Modern guidelines- manners for kids
  • Making the minutes count; 3 significant civility lessons in 10 minutes each


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