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compassCivility Symptoms Survey

Could incivility be a problem in your workplace or organization? Download the Civility Symptoms Survey® to see if incivility is present in your workplace. If you check off more than 3 items, complete the Free Civility Culture Compass Assessment® to see how the four core civility competency areas could help you.

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The Power of Civility

Civility starts with each of us choosing civility. This book provides the tools you need to boost your social intelligence and build your cultural competence, giving you the confidence and poise to go anywhere and be welcomed as a citizen of the world. Download your free chapter, The Power of One and start learning how civility is it’s own reward.

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Civility Center Toolkit

Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, is proud to be the Executive Director of the National Civility Center. The Center offers civility services, training, and tools for starting civil conversations and building better communities. The National Civility Center also hosts a Toolkit with over 1000 tools and resources related to civility.

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Sneak-Peek Chapter: The 30% Solution

Download a sneak peek-chapter of 30% Solution: How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability by International Civility Expert Lewena Bayer. The 30% Solution offers organizations a proactive civility solution- a structured, competency-based plan for changing their workplace culture. Organizations must plan, and then implement, this type of change, or, in not doing so, they must expect to pay the high costs of incivility in their workplaces.

The benefits of incorporating civility into the workplace, as detailed in research by Weber and Shadwick, include up to 30% more revenue than competitors and four times increased likelihood that employees will be highly engaged. Further, civility training could result in your organization being 20% more likely to report reduced turnover – all of these outcomes are both measurable and significant.

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The Power of One on Transformation TV

“Civility is its own reward”, this is the mantra Dr. Lew Bayer has built her business and life around for the past 23 years. In choosing civility, Lew and her team which encompasses close to 300 affiliates in 43 countries, have experienced the power of civility first-hand, but for others, it is difficult to choose civility because they either don’t know what civility really is, or they haven’t experienced the life-changing impact of civility.

In this book, the goal was to gather together aspects of civility which I understand to be powerful in the choosing of them.

If you define civility as we do at Civility Experts Inc., you will understand how each of the nine aspects below are necessarily become part of who you are and how you live and interact with others.

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Complimentary Manners Training Kit

We believe that even 10 minutes of focused civility training can make a difference when it comes to building social skills and confidence for children. But we also recognize that budgets for resources and training materials are often limited. For this reason it is our pleasure to offer teachers and childcare providers our Macaroni and Please Training Kit at no fee. All you have to do is send us a note detailing the school you represent and your name and location, and we will send you an e-version at no charge.

You can visit for a free sample lesson. In addition, if you’d like to have one of our team come to your school to train some on-site Courtesy Coaches- we can offer you our 2-day Courtesy Coach Train the Trainer program at a flat fee of $1500.00US per trainee (all travel and expenses included).

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