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  • What Is Ethical Behavior in a Workplace?
    Ethical behavior at work has as much to do with the bottom line as it does with squaring your conscience. Unethical behavior can cost the company money. In fact, unethical behavior can sink the company – the now-defunct Enron Corporation is a prime ... read more
  • What is professional behavior?
    Professional behavior is a series of actions deemed acceptable in the workplace. These methods of interaction are dictated by concepts like courtesy, civility and good taste ... Professional behavior is a form of etiquette that applies to business people ... read more
  • How to Deal With Bad Employee Behavior
    Confronting bad employee behavior is a difficult task that most managers deal with at some point in their careers. Bad employee behavior can refer to a variety of offenses -- sub-par job performance, gossip, dress code violations, poor customer relations ... read more
  • Best Behavior, Best Practices: The Etiquette Of Successful Onboarding
    Let’s talk about the etiquette of onboarding new hires. Newfangled definition of bringing a new employee into your business, meet old-fashioned principle of good behavior in social situations. The process of bringing a new employee up to speed so they ... read more
  • North Carolina State U. Officials Put Cameras Inside Frat Houses to Watch Students
    The university's behavior is disgusting. While fraternity houses occasionally play host to sexual violence and lawbreaking, that's no excuse for routinely depriving fraternity members of their privacy. Indeed, the idea that university officials can watch ... read more
  • Can You Respond to an Email With a Phone Call? What About a Text Message?
    The phenomenon, it seems, is not confined to email: Anecdata suggest that voicemails, particularly from parents or grandparents, inspire similar behavior in friends and ... phone call means someone is injured. At work, all is well when the Slacks and ... read more
  • How to Reward Ethical Behavior
    There are a few things to keep in mind when rewarding ethical behavior in the workplace, including whether to reward the person publicly or privately. Communicate with employees what ethical behaviors are expected. Be consistent so that rules apply to ... read more
  • UC to host presidential debate watch party
    This is the third Debate Watch party for the department, which is part of UC’s College of Arts and Sciences ... which takes place in the Great Hall of UC’s Tangeman University Center, begins with a panel discussion from 8:30-8:55 p.m. with UC political ... read more
  • Buckley event addresses free speech on campus
    On Saturday, Cabranes argued that the University’s attempt to create “safe spaces” and to monitor student and faculty behavior jeopardizes the values ... Cabranes said Yale’s emphasis on campus civility in recent years has come at the expense ... read more
  • How Personality Affects Behavior in the Workplace
    How Personality Affects Behavior in the Workplace; How Personality Affects Work Behavior; How Does Overtime Affect Employee Performance? Comments You May Also... Personality Types A, B & C at Work The workplace is filled with people who have different ... read more
  • The influence of workload and civility of treatment on the perpetration of email incivility
    Some researchers have considered the antecedents of workplace ... of incivility at work. First, we examined whether the type of treatment a target receives from another individual, civil vs. uncivil, affects the civility of the target’s return behavior. ... read more
  • Chamber speaker champions civility
    King, the president of Final Touch Finishing School, spoke at Tuesday’s Decatur Chamber of Commerce luncheon on the topic, “Civility in the Workplace ... formal rules that govern behavior in some settings – and etiquette, less formal, often ... read more
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