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Ms. Harsha Rohit

Director of Training & Business Development- India
Civility Training in India



Educated as an Anthropologist, Ms. Harsha Rohit has had an ardent interest in human behavior’s dynamics and their development. She is a staunch believer in the fact that every individual can develop themselves as leaders of tomorrow’s world and has dedicated herself to diligently training professionals and students who wish to embark on their leadership journeys. She has also been highly assiduous in crafting her students’ mindsets to follow the principles of a civil society, facilitating them in conscious awareness of their actions in the world around them and in helping them realize the far-reaching impact of civil behavior and conduct.

In her extensive 12 years as a trainer, Ms. Rohit has successfully developed two original-concept based institutes that have advocated the holistic development of aspiring professionals, simultaneously evolving their mind, body and soul. The unique tri-development model followed by Ms. Rohit’s institutes has benefitted thousands of budding corporate and social leaders in meeting their professional goals and being high performance individuals. The primary institute commenced by Ms. Rohit, the HR Trikaya Personality Grooming and Finishing Academy® , over the course of its’ operations has been a core driver of professional placements in national and international industry leaders such as: Wipro, Infosys ,Vedanta, Barclays Bank, IOCL , BPCL , KPMG , Deloitte , PWC ,Bharti Airtel , Adani Group , Reliance Industries , Maruti Suzuki , Whirlpool, E&Y, Punjab National Bank , HUDCO , MMTC , Larsen & Toubro, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, ITC, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and the list is exhaustive.

Lately her team has also developed Harsha Rohit Trainings Worldwide, an online platform for professional empowerment.

In terms of industry affiliation, Ms. Harsha Rohit has been a certified trainer with executive educational bodies such as: ICAI (Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India), ICMAI (Institutes of Cost and Management Accountants of India), ICSI (Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India) and a plethora of influential corporate institutions such as : The Standard Chartered Bank PLC, principal MLM corporations, leading national and regional media houses, and major gems and jewelry houses at the national level.

She has also been vocal for women empowerment among deprived socio-economic groups and was a Principal Associate with FICCI FLO (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Ladies Organization) and a key part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) wing.

Ms. Rohit has been an Official Trainer for The Indian Forest Services’ officers and facilitated them in achieving organizational efficiency and civility in dealing within their offices.

Most recently, she has been responsible for the inception of the prestigious ‘School of Etiquette and Finishing Skills’ in Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshamangarh, Rajasthan which is transforming Etiquette, Civility and Soft Skills education across India. Upon her appointment as the Founder Principal for the school, she has conducted the smooth establishment and operations for the premier institute, including infrastructure planning, team set-up, content development and promotions.

Furthermore, Ms. Rohit has also been certified as an Etiquette Coach by the sought-after Miss India Trainer: Mrs. Rukshana Eisa and is a Civility Courtesy Coach and Civility At Work Coach and also currently the sole candidate from India for the Master Certified Civility Trainer (MCCT) certification that is held by only 14 trainers across the globe. She further feels proud to be the Member of the Civility Speakers Bureau.

In addition to that, she is an active Certification Program Reseller with Civility Experts Inc. for the Indian Subcontinent.

She is consistent in giving transformational keynotes, workplace and cultural change readiness seminars, leadership workshops and has been a guest speaker to various reputed institutes in India as she is focused on creating a dedicated space for her idea to reach many more on a continuous basis. She has also reached out to the youth by being a guest columnist in the local newspapers along with doing interesting and engaging civility-based activities and taking overall personality building initiatives with young school students for a self-aware, kind, grateful and civil youth.


“Let us go down in history as the generation which not only
understood what needed to be done, but a generation which had the strength,
the self discipline, and the resolve to see it through”

– Margaret Thatcher



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