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Who Gets Hired and Promoted?

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By Dr. Lew Bayer, whose expertise was featured in Oprah magazine!


Like the song says, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you got..”.

Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle and electronic communication of today’s world, many people forget one of the most important things they’ve got in their employment and social arsenal.

Social intelligence is defined as “the ability to get along with others and to have them cooperate with you” and it’s obvious to see how that is important in anything but the most solitary workspace.

Even if you work on your own and only communicate in the cloud, social skills MATTER.

Canadian Business magazine quotes executives who say they hire more on attitude than on experience and as important as education is, the market bears this out.

People Hire and Promote People That Work Well WITH Other People.

They hire and promote people they can imagine themselves working with so be that person!

Want help with that?

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