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Business Etiquette In An Electronic World

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IN AN ELECTRONIC WORLD A giant percentage of business communication in today's world takes place via email. Communication in an electronic world is even more important than it has ever been. Losing the cues of face to face communication make it ever more urgent that people are well spoken with the written word [...]

March Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Mar 1, Winnipeg, MB) In the Month of March, The Civility Center Reminds Us  - "Each of us has the right and responsibility to improve the community, I am a resource and agent for change." Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center (The Civility [...]


  There are four basic elements to Civility, no matter what the environment.   These are : Social intelligence (the ability to adapt your behavior appropriately to the social group or environment you may find yourself in) Cultural competence - having an understanding and awareness of different cultures and how they operate and what they [...]

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