ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF CIVILITY AT WORK MAGAZINE® (as we iron out the final details……)
September 18, 2012 – Winnipeg, MB – Civility at Work Magazine® hits online newsstands today, bringing a fresh perspective on the business community and how everyone interacts in it. The magazine is a practical online magazine that offers business solutions for imbedding and maintaining civility in workplaces and organizations, no matter the size.  Civility at Work Magazine® (Civility Magazine) represents a mindset shift in terms of how forward-thinking business professionals are managing the many changes impacting business today.  “There is tremendous power in civility,” says Tara Crawford, editor, Civility Magazine. “And when the expected and respected guidelines for treating each other with kindness and consideration are structured and followed in our workplaces, there is a measurable impact to the quality of our performance, the bottom line business metrics and to the quality of our lives and relationships.”Civility Magazine, realized by Civility Experts Worldwide, is a quarterly magazine which aims to provide readers with the knowledge of how civility and incivility can affect the bottom line, provide readers with the tools to determine the level of civility at their place of employment and even challenge readers to evaluate themselves to determine if they possess integrity and what it means if they do not.
“Congratulations to Tara Crawford our editor of Civility Magazine,” says Lew Bayer, president, Civility Experts Worldwide. “Without Tara’s hard work and vast knowledge of civility the magazine would never have taken the shape that it is today.” In addition to success stories, resources and trend overviews Civility Magazine provides up to date research from leading experts; as well as, showcases and highlights new books that are bound to bring civility back into the workplace. The magazine is online at and the first edition is available as a free download with subscription to the Civility Magazine mailing list.
Since 1999, Civility Experts Worldwide has been providing civility training solutions to individuals of all ages, and organizations of all sizes. The company has grown from a small 200 square foot office focused on delivering dining etiquette workshops and Courtesy Camp to an award-winning, multi-national training company with- as of May 2011, 30 affiliates representing 12 countries around the globe. Learn more
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