Real Beauty Beauty Camp! Young Ladies 12-15!

 Includes lunches and all materials - certificate and special gifts. Being a real beauty is not the same as being really beautifu l- at least not in the way many people think. Sure it’s important to look good - but real beauty is something you find. You find it when you find your courage, confidence, [...]

Shape Up Your Cyber Smarts

Learning how to be cyber smart is on the minds of many with today's technology and knowing how to protect yourself and your family is a concern for everyone.  From recognizing and identifying cues and clues that something might not be right to knowing how to manage your digital footprint can have you feeling somewhat "Out of [...]

FREE Change Imperative Workshop March 19

Our second pilot of "Change Imperative" is set to take place at 1000 Waverley in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. There is not cost to attend this full day workshop.  Seating is limited please register with us at or contact us for more details.

New Change Imperative Workshop FREE

If you are interested in attending a pilot session on The Change Imperative on March 1, 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba please contact for event details and registration.  There is no cost for this pilot workshop and all sectors are welcome to attend.  Presented by Workplace Education Manitoba and facilitated by Lew Bayer; Director of [...]

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