Civility Experts Worldwide to partner with Aegis Trust

The Aegis Trust has announced a global partnership with Civility Experts Worldwide. This partnership will draw upon the peace and values curricula and educational expertise that Aegis has developed and will be used in a new program called Leading with Humanity, developed by Civility Experts Inc. Aegis Trust has developed an educational approach in Rwanda, known as [...]

Marina Raydun Author Interviews: Lew Bayer

Marina Raydun: In our day and age, civility tends to be underappreciated. What made you become so passionate about the concept that you chose to make a career out of it? Lew Bayer: You know, I’ve been lucky in my life in that I have experienced civility my whole life. My parents were very conscious [...]

Jacqueline Moore elected President of National Civility Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Washington, July 20, 2018) New President of National Civility Center Says "Sense of Urgency" Drives Her Mission To "Help Catalyze Needed Shift In Society." Today, The National Civility Center announced that Jacqueline Moore, is the newly elected President for National Civility Center. "It is with great excitement and a sense of [...]

Announcing Power of One on Transformation TV

Featured now on Transformation TV Show: The Power of One - How Choosing Civility Can Change Your Life, by best-selling author Dr. Lew Bayer. “Civility is its own reward”, this is the mantra Dr. Lew Bayer has built her business and life around for the past 23 years. In choosing civility, Lew and her team [...]

December Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Dec 1, Winnipeg, MB) In the Month of December , The Civility Center Reminds Us - "COURTESY COSTS NOTHING BUT MEANS A LOT." Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center, has created a monthly calendar that includes events, ideas, and inspiration from around the [...]

YouTube Video

Take a look at this powerful video on the power of civility and kindness from an unexpected source:

Sample from The 30% Solution

Have you checked out Lew Bayer's bestseller The 30% Solution yet? The 30% Solution is full of valuable information and advice that be used to increase your business's retention, engagement, and profitability. Check out the sample below! If Henry David Thoreau were experiencing life at work today and over the next decade as we make [...]

What Is Causing All The Incivility In Our Workplaces?

WHAT IS CAUSING ALL THE INCIVILITY IN OUR WORKPLACES? Is this what you think your staff looks, managers? Thinking, maybe. Happy and compatible, unfortunately not likely. Bad behavioral choices in employees can be costly in morale and retention. So if you have a toxic workplace, everyone’s success suffers. In my humble opinion, all of these [...]

I Am Way Too Sick & Tired To Be Nice To You!

Is it possible that we are literally too sick and tired to be nice?  Maybe. Rudeness and retention do not mix.  Managers, your employees say so.  Sad to say, they would rather have less money than have a boss that is not a champion of civility in the workplace. So why exactly are people so [...]

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