Take your workteam on a learning adventure; Diversafari Workshops now available.

                                    for your business.       In a global economy, understanding and embracing cultural differences is more than a good idea. It’s a competitive advantage. From sales to operations to education, it’s no secret that better communication equals better business. Take your work team on a Diversafari- a workplace culture adventure that combines global cultural awareness with proven adult learning methods [...]

Thank you to my civil colleagues…

The "business of civility"  can be very rewarding and I've enjoyed many measurable professional successess over the years. Lately though I've experienced significant, and I have to admit, unexpected rewards in terms of friendship, collaboration, and inspiration from several of my counterparts in the civility and related training industry. While I've always understood that one of the outcomes of civility is increased social capital, [...]

TEACH KIDS MANNERS – Give the gift of confidence and build character.

Get Started Today! Be Your Own Boss... Everything you imagine can become a reality. Join nationally recognized etiquette experts from  The Civility Experts & train to be an Etiquette Consultant specializing in Courtesy for Children, Youth, Teens, and Social IQ, and/or Business Etiquette. With a resurgence of interest in traditional values, more and more educators, [...]

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