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In the Month of April, The Civility Center Reminds us – “I am a global citizen. Every person has value and I can make a difference.”

Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center, has created a monthly calendar that includes events, ideas, and inspiration from around the world.  The Civility Calendar is available free online with the objective of encouraging people to bring their most kind, most considerate, and most civil self to all their interactions.  Each month focuses on a different aspect of civility and its interaction with life, and April’s is “Civility Around The Globe Month – Featuring World Civility Day.”

“We’re pleased to host events that can bring civility groups together to share ideas, and bring everyone together overall. World Civility Day began last year to mark the one-year anniversary of Community Civility Counts, our grassroots group in Indiana. We knew we had something when our dinner sold out and attracted people from all over the world. We’re expanding this year with a day of workshops and an awards dinner and evening celebration. Plan to join us in Chicagoland.” — Bob Heisse, partner, Community Civility Counts

The message is : We live in an ever changing world. Sometimes this world seems filled with challenges and unrest, or with hatred and incivility. It’s often easy to focus on the differences that divide us. But there is much good in the world. If you choose to see it, there is kindness and love all around us. We can choose to set our differences aside and work together to learn from each other. And we can foster kindness and peace and civility. It’s up to each of us. World Civility Day is about celebrating each other, and focusing on the ways we all benefit by taking care of each other and the wonderful world we live in.

Every month includes an affirmation, and for April, the mantra is : “I am a global citizen. Every person has value and I can make a difference.”

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