Civility Experts Worldwide Announces Partnership with Ale Marroquín, Imagen y Protocolo de Negocios, Mexico

Civility Experts Worldwide, a leader in civility training, has announced a partnership with Ale Marroquín, President of Imagen y Protocolo de Negocios based in Mexico City.  Alejandra  specializes in delivering seminars and conferences to Mexican companies on the topics of civility at work, as well as communication and behaviour strategies as part of one’s personal branding strategy.  Seminars include Civility at Work, Business Etiquette (Office, Telephone, Meeting and Electronic Etiquette), Networking, Attitude at Work, Leadership, and Dressing for Success, Personal Branding, and Successful Client Relationships. “Having been part of the corporate world for almost twenty years, I understood how incivility and lack of professional image could affect professional growth,” states Ms. Marroquín. “I realised that equipping yourself with the right tools and knowledge could help you rapidly advance your career.”

“Civility is an important message in any language,” states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, “but when Ale Marroquín presents training in Spanish, it’s hard not to be immediately captivated by her presence and the power of her message. Civility Experts looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Ale Marroquín, and welcomes her team to Civility Experts Worldwide.”

About Ale Marroquín

Ale Marroquín recently completed her AICI First Level Certificate, and is currently a Civility Ambassador for the AICI Civility Counts Project. Located in Mexico City, Alejandra belongs to the Guadalajara Chapter as Vice President of Relations and Marketing, and is also part of the AICI Globalization Chair.  Additionally, she is a member of Mexico’s Consejo de Empresarias y Ejecutivas – Mexico’s Council of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs.

As well as offering a wide variety of seminars on civility at work and communication styles, Ale Marroquín also offers workshops on self image, providing tools and techniques to enhance one’s projected image. She also offers individual consultations with high-level executive clients looking to revise their image.  Additional information can be found on her web site – Ale Marroquín writes a blog every Monday, describing how a lack of these skills can affect not only one’s image, but professional growth and company productivity. For more information, visit

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