Ingrid Hillerup is PrairieView Public Relations’ director of public relations andimage management. Through public relations she brings awareness of her client’s business to the right markets, through various mediums. Image management ensures that her clients project the right image, always. Ms. Hillerup has over 10 years experience within the public relations sector. She ensured brand consistency at PICKSEED Canada and was integral to various public relations initiatives at Strategic/Ampersand, a public relations agency in Toronto, Ontario.Ms. Hillerup enjoys bringing a contagious amount of energy and excitement through inspiring talks about being an expert in you. She first started inspiring people through her signature speech of “The Orange Jacket” and continues to share stories of triumphs and struggles with her audiences. Ms. Hillerup is also the vice president of education at the Winnipeg Toasmasters club ensuring members achieve their goals while simultaneously maintaining those of the club.  She holds a completion of the Competent Leader Bronze and Advanced Communicator Silver in the Toastmasters program.