Civility Experts Worldwide, a leader in civility training, has announced a partnership with Kimberly Law of Personal Impact International.  Kimberly is the President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), and is a long-time expert in the area of professional image and personal presence. She will be consulting with the team at Civility Experts about new trends and issues in personal image, and facilitating professional presence programs through Personal Impact International as well as through the Civility Experts Speakers’ Bureau.

“When you meet Kim in person, it is immediately evident that she knows what she’s talking about in terms of impact,” states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts. “She has a great personal presence, a powerful sense of style and she carries herself with dignity and confidence, and we are very proud to have her on our team.”

About Personal Impact International

Personal Impact International is founded on the principal that professional image consulting gives one an edge in business and in life. Knowing what to wear and how to act can mean the difference between success and failure in all walks of life – from interviewing to negotiating contracts to simply having the confidence of knowing that you look and act your best. Image isn’t simply about choosing the right clothing – it’s also about developing good manners, developing and maintaining the right attitude and frame of mind. It’s a fact that within the first few seconds of meeting, people are judged on their appearance and behaviour. As a professional image and etiquette consultant in Vancouver, Kimberly Law provides coaching and consulting to ensure those initial moments make the best possible first impression – and provide the possible opportunity for success.

Kimberly Law recently co-authored Bushido Business, a compilation of tips from leading success experts in the United States and Canada. The book reveals their secrets of success and offers insight on mastering the art of professional business strategy and communication. To sign up for self-assessments, image tips, and the free e-report 11 Tiny Turnoffs, visit Kim’s website at

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