Civility Experts Worldwide Announces Partnership with Maria Cuci, The Image CEO, Australia

Civility Experts Worldwide, a leader in civility training, has announced a partnership with Maria Cuci, President and CEO of The Image CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) in Australia. Maria specializes in image and etiquette coaching, is a certified Professional Image Consultant, and is the first Australian Image Consultant certified as a Reach Personal Branding Strategist. She will be taking on the role of Director of Affiliate Operations for Civility Experts for Australia. “Civility is an integral aspect of one’s inner essence,” states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, “so civility training is a natural fit with the services and products Maria offers.”

As the foremost civility expert in Australia, Maria strives to align one’s personal brand and image to one’s inner essence and firmly believes in the value of working in a holistic manner. In this way, she is able to assist her clients in enhancing their credibility and authenticity in all aspects of their business and personal lives. “We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with Maria,” says Ms. Bayer, “and the title ‘Image CEO’ – Chief Empowerment Officer – suits her well. We find her enthusiasm, high standards, and drive to build civility awareness in Australia empowers and inspires us at Civility Experts daily.”

About Maria Cuci and The Image CEO

“The alignment of your inner self with your outer self allows you to live in authenticity,” states Maria Cuci, President and CEO of The Image CEO, “and so marrying how you present yourself outwardly with your inner values and character can dramatically enhance your success.”

Maria brings over 25 years of experience from a diverse background including corporate account management, retail management for a leading Australian fashion label, and has represented prestigious cosmetics brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Estée Lauder. In addition to launching The Image CEO, Maria is the founder and director of Your Personal Style Coach. She specialized in personal style coaching, image consultancy and personal branding strategies. Maria is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the Vice President of Marketing for AICI Sydney (term 2010-2011), and is the present Civility Ambassador in Australia for AICI International. She is also a certified Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner, Presenter and Trainer.

An international presenter and speaker, Maria is a highly sought-after industry professional. Her background, skills and passion for helping her clients utilize their intrinsic values and image to present their best selves provides a unique and unparalleled approach to style and sophistication.

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Maria Cuci, The Image CEO

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