Under the company name Poise 7, Kshama and her team will offer etiquette training to children and adults through a curriculum developed by CIVILITY EXPERTS WORLDWIDE, CANADA, the internationally recognized leaders in the field. Kshama is also a candidate for Civility Trainer Certification through the INTERNATIONAL CIVILITY TRAINERS’ CONSORTIUM (ICTC). With more than ten years of experience in Education, Psychology and Management, being a School Principal.

Kshama is also an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer from University of Cambridge International Examination. Poise 7 is balancing the 7, bringing equilibrium to the 7 Chakaras of the human body. The 7 Chakaras, described in “The Upanishads”. “We facilitate and help evolve various aspects of human attributes channelizing a subtle balance in human personality, hence enhancing human dimensions,” states Kshama. ” In a digital age like today, we believe, there is a continuous and growing need for people to learn how to treat each other with kindness and respect to make the world a better place”.

POISE 7 offers training in manners, civility, international etiquette, and related topics in affiliation with CIVILITY EXPERTS WORLDWIDE, CANADA, assuring that we operate with integrity, transparency and honesty. These world-class training programs and workshops for kids of all age groups as well as for adults, and help Enhancing and Balancing the Human Dimensions in Educational and Corporate Spheres and also in day to day life. POISE 7 also offers Personalised Career Counselling and English Language training for young aspirants who want to be one notch up over their competition.

Poise 7 is quickly garnering a name for itself, due in part to the current and interesting topics and training it offers. For example, one popular program this fall is the “Elegant Housewives” program described below:

“Elegant Housewives”!
Course duration:
• 1½ Month
• Classroom training
• Support of guided learning through projects and assignments

Batch beginning in September 2013
Course content:
• Mirror-Mirror on the wall
• Role vs. Identity
• Discover body shapes and assets
• Explore your style. (By a Fashion Stylist Expert)
• Accessorize
• Parenting tips
• Fine Dining  (International Etiquette)
• Secrets to Intimacy


Who should do it?
• Women who desire to: Live fully, rejuvenate themselves, redefine the pleasures of life and laugh through it all.

Capabilities after the course:
• Participants will be able to create a balance between her roles and present a unique identity.
• Project an appropriate, attractive and elegant image based on roles and occasions.
• Coordinate Accessories and make up along with clothes.
• Decide on what clothes to buy based on body shape and personal coloration.
• Be a graceful international guest and host.

• Poise 7 Certificate for “Elegant Housewives “!

Other courses offered include:
ŸCivility Program for Kids and Young Adults : 4-7yrs ; 8-12yrs ; 13-18 yrs
Civility Program for Adults
Corporate Civility Program(Business Etiquettes) : Specialised Civility Training for
People aspiring to work in corporates/People working in corporates
Value-Ethic Programs
Career Counselling with comprehensive psychometric assessment
English as Foreign Language Training : IELTS and TOEFL
Parenting Workshops
Teachers’ Training Workshops-Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and
-Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.