Featured now on Transformation TV Show: The Power of One – How Choosing Civility Can Change Your Life, by best-selling author Dr. Lew Bayer.

“Civility is its own reward”, this is the mantra Dr. Lew Bayer has built her business and life around for the past 23 years. In choosing civility, Lew and her team which encompasses close to 300 affiliates in 43 countries, have experienced the power of civility first-hand, but for others, it is difficult to choose civility because they either don’t know what civility really is, or they haven’t experienced the life-changing impact of civility.

In this book, the goal was to gather together aspects of civility which I understand to be powerful in the choosing of them.

If you define civility as we do at Civility Experts Inc., you will understand how each of the nine aspects below are necessarily become part of who you are and how you live and interact with others.

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