Press Release April 1, 2013

The You’re so Rude Appfor when you just can’t take rudeness anymore…

The sad fact is that incivility has increased in our homes, communities, and workplaces over the last decade”, states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide and creator of the You’re So Rude App., “…but most of us are afraid to confront bad manners and often we don’t even know what the current rules are ourselves. Because saying nothing is really giving permission for the rudeness to continue someone needs to let the culprit know- in a respectful way, that he or she is behaving badly, and we need to explain what the appropriate behavior is. The You’re So Rude App is really a teaching tool- it’s about raising awareness and giving people the information they need to be more respectful”. There’s also a You’re So Polite option too- so you can encourage people who are being respectful to continue do so.

The FREE You’re So Rude App for iPhone and iPad is available April 4, 2013.  Visit for more information including a short video about how the App works,  responses to frequently asked questions (see our  blog page)  interesting facts and stats about civility.

For interviews or to inquire about the App or Civility Experts Worldwide, contact Logistics Coordinator, Dawn Windsor at or call 204-996-4792.