Civility Experts Worldwide Announces Partnership with Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, Singapore

Civility Experts Worldwide, a leader in civility training, has announced a partnership with Eunice Tan, Image Consultant and Etiquette Expert at Image Flair, Singapore. Across the world, people strive to put their best selves forward both professionally and personally, and Eunice offers a wide range of courses providing etiquette and civility training to help children, adults and businesses give their best possible first impression. “At Image Flair, we believe your image is indeed worth a thousand words. Many people aren’t aware that image and etiquette play a major role in their personal and professional lives,” says Eunice, “and training provided through interactive courses equips people to become successful, confident, and get exactly what they want out of life.”

Eunice has partnered with Civility Experts Worldwide and will be offering our Train the Trainer program, providing training to those looking to teach children and become International Civility Trainers’ Consortium certified Etiquette Consultants. The five-day course includes unlimited access to online training materials, downloadable tip sheets, online/webinar training and coaching with international civility experts, three children’s etiquette training kits, discounts on additional trainer guides, a one-year membership with the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, and a practice exam for ICTC certification. “We are always eager to form strategic partnerships with like-minded professional training companies,” states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, “and we are proud to have the opportunity to promote Train the Trainer programs with Eunice and her team at Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette.”

About Eunice Tan and Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette

At Image Flair, the mission is simple: the team are “devoted to helping adults and children gain the confidence required to build an image that will ensure success throughout their personal and professional lives.” Highly experienced trainers deliver a broad range of courses including professional business etiquette and grooming, skin care and makeup consultation, professional image colour and style, effective communication skills, leadership and team building, effective speaking and presentation skills, sales and motivation. For children, school workshops are offered on topics including grooming, social skills, confidence building, dining etiquette, verbal expression, effective thinking and study skills, poise, posture, and more. For adults, personal workshops can include a variety of topics that are able to be tailored to any organization’s unique requirements.

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Eunice Tan, Founder and President of Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette.

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