Lew Bayer, President and CEO of Civility Experts Worldwide is pleased to announce that The Power of Civility- published by Thrive Books will be released May1. Lew is proud to share her  insight and perspectives on civility along with 17 other co-authors who are recognized and respected in their fields. The book will be available through Amazon just in time for May1 and International Civility Awareness month.

The Power of Civility Workshop

In conjunction with the launch of The Power of Civility this May. Civility Experts is offering a half-day workshop packed with thought-provoking perspectives on:

  • what civility really means
  • the many costs of incivility and how you can manage them for increased profitability
  • practical solutions for incorporating civility best practices into your work and life.

Expand to a full-day session and include the Organizational Civility Scale Assessment and receive 24/7 access to MannersTV (38 business and social etiqeutte lessons) to supplement your civility training initiative.

Power of Civility books offered at 50% off for orders of 10 or more.

Canada’s leading civility expert, Lew Bayer, goes beyond the typical “please and thank you” conversations about civility and challenges you to think about your personal standards, accountability, values, and what it means to be committed to choosing civility, whether at home, at work, in your community, or in public—at home and abroad.

This book provides the tools you need to boost your social intelligence and build your cultural competence, giving you the confidence and poise to go anywhere and be welcomed as a caring and considerate citizen of the world. Discover the power of civility!