FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Winnipeg, July 25th)  Lew Bayer knew HR professionals and business owners needed to read this book before it even existed. She’d watched too many businesses suffer, seen too many companies that thought they were doing everything right lose great employees, customers – and profits.


In her one on one training. workshops and keynote speeches, Ms. Bayer regularly taught executives and workers the key to retention – with expanded profits the natural result.  The magic word?  Civility.  Lew – an acclaimed international civility expert – knew that all along – and those lucky enough to work with her would regularly see their business – and it’s profits – grow.   Lew already had a history of dramatically improving business operations – and workplace environments.


“I wrote the 30% Solution because we’ve done over 300 civility initiatives and/or or training events over past few years and we were seeing common trends emerging. We were interested in sharing with our clients and public why some workplaces are successful and others weren’t. There was also some timely research by Watson Wyatt validating our results and showing that organizations with civility embedded in their culture were seeing on average 30% increases in revenue and significant impacts to retention and engagement.”


Lew Bayer knew it was time to bring her message to the masses – and to allow all businesses to benefit.  In spring, 2016, Lew became a 10 time published author with the publication of “The 30% Solution – How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability”  which quickly became an international business bestseller.


Challenging business executives and entrepreneurs across industries with the question “What would YOU do with 30% more profit?” Lew Bayer shows them how to get there.  And, she says, “The response has been tremendous. The reality is that 67% of employees polled say they believe there is a need for civility in the workplace so organizations are foolish not to invest in this training.”


When asked about her follow up plans, Lew says she is “already working on a book and workbooks as well as online courses that detail how to use the Civility Competency Matrix.”


In the meantime, Lew is making herself available to any business – North America wide or around the world – as a workshop leader, and keynote speaker, who wants to benefit from her decades of knowledge on these important topics.


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