Become a Certified Workplace Culture Coach

Is your organization interested in recruiting and retaining a skilled immigrant workforce but you don’t know how to do that?

Do you need cultural information, protocol or business etiquette details to help you increase your international market share?

Do you need training tools and programs to help new employees transition to your workplace, e.g., English as Additional Language or multi-lingual training materials?

Are you looking for tools and resources to manage diversity and foster effective cross-cultural communications in your workplace but don’t have time to search for relevant, cost-effective sources and resources?

Do you want to offer diversity, cultural competence, civility, or social intelligence training to your work teams or need toolkits and trainer programs that would enable your in-house trainers to deliver this training?

If any of the above apply to you/your workplace, a membership with The Culture Coach resource center OR having a certified workplace culture coach onsite can be of great benefit to your company.