Perfect for Schools, church groups, children’s community programs, and Childcare Centers… the Macaroni and Please™ Civility Initiative for Schools Program

The Macaroni and Please program includes:

  • A half-day overview and planning workshop for your Civility Initiative committee with Civility expert Lew Bayer where you will learn:
    • How to define and describe civility in your school/setting
    • The benefits of civility to your school or childcare center
    • Strategies and best practices for starting and sustaining a civility initiative
  • A template for creating your own civility initiative plan
  • A full-day Train-the-Trainer workshop for up to 4 Civility at School Ambassadors who will implement your civility initiative.
  • Ready-to-use manners lessons and courtesy at school training programs that you can use for building civility in your school or childcare center
  • Tools and training materials for getting started
  • Sources and resources for materials and tools to sustain your civility initiative.

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Sample initiatives: