NEW CIVILITY Train-the-Trainer Programs

Civility Experts has just launched a new: Self-Study Civility-at-Work™ Train-the-Trainer Program Customized Corporate Civility at Work™ On-site Train-the-Trainer Program Self-Study Children’s Courtesy and Character Coach™ Train-the-Trainer Program Self-Study Workplace Culture Coach® Program

MANNERS TV – Online Business Etiquette Training is now available. provides the answer to corporate business etiquette training in a high tech world by introducing 38 interactive on line video etiquette lessons with downloadable MP3 audio file, an interactive online quiz and a printable lesson plan. Four convenient packages to choose from, a total of 38 videos. Here is what you get: Your choice [...]


ICTC launches partnership with Canada’s foremost online sources and resources directory for Women Entrepreneurs. Successful Entrepreneur Dawn Windsor shares 100's of tips, online resources, training supports and other information to help you build your business.


To show appreciation to AICI, who acknowledged President Lew Bayer’s ongoing commitment and contribution to civility, Civility Experts is pleased to offer a special BUSINESS ETIQUETTE BUNDLE FOR AICI MEMBERS. Click here to download a pdf flier about the promotion. There is a tangible cost of rudeness to our relationships, our communities, [...]

CIVILITY COUNTS – An image perspective.

What does Civility have to do with professional image? Fueled by the AICI World-wide Civility Initiative, Yasmin Anderson-Smith provides an image perspective on Civility in the 21st century. Download free white paper.

Civility in the grocery store- I couldn’t believe it!

I thought I was dreaming. But as I scrambled to gather up the pancake fixings I had dropped in the shock of the moment, I realized that I had in fact just heard the Bluetooth-clad woman in front of me apologize. She actually pulled the headset out of her ear and told the grocery cashier [...]

Go Jump Out of a Plane

Steven Slater behaved badly. But that Jet Blue flight was a collage of incivility. And in my expert opinion, the bigger civility blunder was committed by the insult-hurling passenger who willingly endangered herself and the other passengers by standing up and opening the bin before the plane came to a full stop. (Clearly everyone who [...]


Whether we’re talking about a table-setting or a handshake, the rituals of etiquette have long held value. And from 2500 B.C. with the first known manners guide the Instructions of Ptahhotep, people have understood that the technical aspects of courtesy; how you hold your fork, or whether you even use one, if you leave your [...]

The Perfect Apology – Advice from Louise Fox

You had good intentions, but somehow things got out of hand. Your brother-in-law pushed your buttons and although you tried to keep your mouth shut, you just had to say something. Now you now regret it. Big time. What should you do? An apology sends the clearest signal that we have the strength of character [...]

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