Civility Experts Worldwide official representative for EVERY GIRL CAN CANADA

A personal development and enrichment program of KYMS Image International, LLC Every Girl Can ™ is a fun, creative, interactive program to help girls prepare to be everything they can be. Every girl who participates fully in the program will learn how to sharpen their personal image, improve self–esteem, and self confidence and communicate the right [...]

Got a minute? That’s all it takes to learn some manners with MannersTV

Manners TV is an at-your-fingertips online toolkit featuring 38 short, practical Business and Social Etiquette lessons to help you: feel more confident in social and business settings boost your social intelligence increase your knowledge of expected and respected social rules and situational protocol build your understanding of cultural competence MannersTV was created by Civility Experts affiliate Louise [...]


Eight year old Civility Ambassador Denby Bayer co-authors civility book for children ages 7-10. “What Would Wendy Do?” is written in a journal format and tells the story of one young girls struggle with how and why to do the right thing when her best friend treats her badly at school. Hard copies available now- [...]


As Fred Astaire said many years ago, “The hardest job kids face these days is learning good manners without seeing any.” We need to show our children that civility does count. Fostering civility can significantly impact a child’s confidence and overall experience in school, at home, in the community, and in his/her future. For as [...]

CIVILITY COUNTS – An image perspective.

What does Civility have to do with professional image? Fueled by the AICI World-wide Civility Initiative, Yasmin Anderson-Smith provides an image perspective on Civility in the 21st century. Download free white paper.

Go Jump Out of a Plane

Steven Slater behaved badly. But that Jet Blue flight was a collage of incivility. And in my expert opinion, the bigger civility blunder was committed by the insult-hurling passenger who willingly endangered herself and the other passengers by standing up and opening the bin before the plane came to a full stop. (Clearly everyone who [...]

The Perfect Apology – Advice from Louise Fox

You had good intentions, but somehow things got out of hand. Your brother-in-law pushed your buttons and although you tried to keep your mouth shut, you just had to say something. Now you now regret it. Big time. What should you do? An apology sends the clearest signal that we have the strength of character [...]

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