MannersTV is included when you book a full-day civility training session. Up to 100 of your employees get 24/7 access to 38 current, interactive, and easy-to-use business and social etiquette lessons. Lessons are MP3 downloadable and include take-away notes and worksheets. Perfect when you need manners on the go…for example, download a quick formal dining tutorial while you’re in the taxi on the way to your next corporate awards dinner; If you are meeting a new client from out of country you can be more prepared to meet and greet him/her properly by logging in to MannersTV and downloading a short lesson on global business strategies. MannersTV is the quickest way to boost your Social Competence- try it today! Video Topics

General Dining Etiquette Dining Cutlery
Restaurant Etiquette Tips for Business Receptions
Drinking and Business Dining Do’s and Don’ts
Hosting a Restaurant Event

Conversation Skills Communicating Effectively
First Impressions Sharply Dressed Man
Sharply Dressed Woman Attitude
Confident Body Language

Personal Notes Networking
Netiquette Receiving an Award
Cubicle Etiquette Remembering Names
Gender Rules in the Workplace Introductions
Ethics Global Strategies
Cultural Awareness Interviewing Etiquette
Good Interview Responses Did Not Get the Job
Dating at Work Jetiquette
Golfing Etiquette Meeting Etiquette
Angry Customers Business Cards
Office Etiquette

Sounding Professional on the Phone
Phone Rules
Dealing with Difficult Callers