Civility Experts Worldwide is pleased to announce that Maria Cucinotta, President and CEO of The Image CEO, is the new Director of Affiliate Development in Australia, Master Trainer for ICTC, and authorized Civility Experts Products Distributor.

As the foremost civility expert in Australia, Image CEO (Image, Civility and Etiquette Officer) Maria strives and believes firmly in the value of working in a holistic manner and aligning one’s Personal brand and Image to one’s inner essence. In this way she is able to assist her clients to enhance their credibility and authenticity in all aspects of their business and personal life. “Civility is an integral aspect of one’s inner essence and so civility training is a natural fit with the services and products Maria currently offers”, states Civility Experts CEO Lew Bayer.

“The alignment of your inner self with your outer self allows you to live in authenticity” adds Maria, and so marrying how you present yourself outwardly with your inner values and character can dramatically enhance your success.”

In addition to launching The Image CEO Maria is the founder and Director of Your Personal Style Coach. She specializes in Personal Style Coaching, Image Consultancy & Personal Branding Strategies. Maria Cuci-Panetta is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and the Vice President of Marketing for AICI Sydney. She is also a certified Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner and Trainer. Visit Maria by clicking HERE.

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