If you are an entrepreneurial-minded, independent, continuous learner who is interested in doing work that offers an opportunity to earn a living while making a positive impact on others, and you would like to start your own business- a CIVILITY TRAINING BUSINESS might be the perfect business for you.

For over 18 years, the team at Civility Experts Worldwide has been offering civility training, coaching, materials and workplace solutions for organizations large and small all around the globe. For almost two decades we have been recognized globally as the leading multi-solutions civility training company in the world, and we are internationally recognized as the leading experts in the field. Civility makes a difference!

*Organizations that incorporate civility into their workplace culture experience up to 30% increases in profitability- CIVILITY EXPERTS team can help you help organizations incorporate civility into their corporate culture.
*67% of employees polled in a Webers & Chadwick poll said they believe civility training is important- CIVILITY EXPERTS team can help you assess what aspects of civility work teams and individuals need.
*According to Forbes Magazine, spending on corporate training in the US grew by 15% in 2014 over 70 billion in the US and over $130 billion worldwide – there couldn’t be a better time to start a corporate training business – CIVILITY EXPERTS is the leader in the field and we can show you how to build a successful civility training business.

We are pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2015, a limited number of Civility Experts Franchises will be made available. The Franchise kit offers a proven plan for building a lucrative training business, coaching, trainer certification, ready-to-use training strategies, branding package, website, signature curriculum, assessment and training tools are all included. Download the attached Franchise brochure to learn more. This is a low-risk, high return business. The start up investment is very reasonable, and annual franchise fees are minimal. Email pr@civilityexperts.com for more information.

CEW Franchise Cover Image

– you can do this business from your home – no expensive office space required
– you can be open for business within 45 days of purchasing your license
– you can recoup your investment with 90 days- if you follow our success model
– you will have ongoing access to our expert team; ongoing training and coaching- we help you every step of the way


ALREADY HAVE A BUSINESS? Why not add new offerings to your services portfolio? CIVILITY EXPERTS WORLDWIDE OFFERS THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATIONS – each comes with training, certification exam and comprehensive ready-to-use curriculum.

HIGH STYLE IMAGE & IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM www.highstyleimage.com – Download our Certified Image flyer here.
– Includes image, wardrobe, confidence, public speaking and general etiquette for adults

– Includes social skills, confidence, dress and decorum and communication skills for children www.etiquettetrainthetrainer.com – Download our Face to Face Train the Trainer sell sheet here.  Review our CEW Dates 2015 and 2016 Events Canada and USA here.

CIVILITY AT WORK – Trainer Certification (ICTC)
– Includes communication, first impressions, social etiquette, civility in the workplace and much more www.civilitytrainthetrainer.com

– Includes world differences, dining, meetings, communication and work styles from around the world www.culturalcompetence.ca Download our Culture Coach Self Study sheet here